2017 State Testing Information for Parents/Guardians

Testing Schedule

The spring 2017 testing schedule for students in grades 3-8 is as follows:

  • March 28-30 – New York State grades 3-8 English language arts (ELA) exam
  • May 2-4 – New York State grades 3-8 Math exam


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a change in format this year?

  • This year’s testing experience will be similar to last year’s.
  • Students will be given as much time as they need to complete the tests.

Is it possible to “opt out” of testing?

New York State does not have a provision for “opting out” of these assessments. According to state regulations, school districts are required to administer the assessments to all students, but a student is not required to take the tests.

If  a parent/guardian does not want a student to take the tests, what is the procedure?

Parents and guardians whose children will not be taking the tests are asked to notify their building principal in writing at least one week prior to the start of testing:

Tuesday, March 21 for ELA exam and
Tuesday, April 25 for Math exam

Building administrators need time to plan ahead for room assignments, proctoring schedules and other logistical details to ensure that all students, whether they are taking the test or not, have appropriate accommodations during the testing period.

Please note that building administrators will contact parents and guardians to confirm receipt of all requests to refuse testing.

Will refusal to take the exams exclude students from special programs?

No, refusal to take the tests will not exclude a child from special programs such as enriched, accelerated or remedial classes.

Will state assessments be used to determine if a student will be promoted to the next grade?

Academic decisions regarding student placement or promotion are based on multiple measures. Students are assessed formally and informally throughout the year to develop a complete picture of their strengths and weaknesses. No single test provides a complete picture of a student’s abilities.

What is the value of state assessments?

When combined with grades, classroom activities, and unit quizzes and tests, annual assessments can provide important information about a student’s progress.

State assessments also provide valuable information about the performance both of individual schools and of the district as a whole.