Art Department

Welcome to the Monroe-Woodbury High School Visual Arts and Theatre Department. The program is designed to awaken and unleash creativity. The diverse coursework develops artistic skills and allows students to acquire knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the artistic and cultural accomplishments of various civilizations.

Course offerings range from computer animation and graphics to sculpture and painting, acting and stagecraft to photography and crafts. The courses are “hands on” and fun. M-W staff works with students to teach them the process involved in functional, performance-based or aesthetic creativity. The department provides an environment where students may realize a sense of personal integrity and success in the development of their individual abilities and skills. Whenever possible, field trips to regional museums enhance classroom learning and exposures.

For those students interested in majoring in Art, M-W offers many sequences and advanced courses in the Fine Arts, Media Arts, and Theatre Arts. Staff members serve as mentors for Senior Art Majors and guides students through the college application, portfolio review and senior art exhibit process.


Foundation level courses include Creative Crafts, Design and Drawing for Production,  Acting, Stagecraft, Studio Art I-2D, Studio Art II-3D, Media Arts I, Media Arts II and Art History & Appreciation. Studio Art I-2D and II-3D, Art History & Appreciation and Senior Art Seminar are required of all students who are planning a Regents Diploma sequence with a major in Art.

Department Chair approval is required for all students who wish to take a course without fulfilling the prerequisites. Students acquiring five units of credit in Visual Art may be exempt from the L.O.T.E. graduation requirement.

All students wishing to use Art as a sequence must prepare an approved Art portfolio as well as participate in the 1 credit Senior Art Seminar which includes the Portfolio Show, Domain Project, and Oral Defense. The three or five-unit Art sequence meets the New York State Education Department requirement as stated under the Graduation Requirements. The three-credit Art sequence cannot be used in lieu of any other graduation requirements.

A three-credit Art sequence must include:

  • Studio Art I-2D and Studio Art II-3D  –  1 credit
  • Senior Seminar  –  1 credit


NYSED Regents High School Diploma of Distinction in the Arts

Five-Credit Art Sequence

Monroe-Woodbury High School awards all qualified five-credit sequence Visual Art Majors with the NYS Regents High School Diploma of Distinction in the Arts.  The requirements for this diploma include:

  • Studio Art I-2D and Studio Art II-3D–  1 credit
  • Art History–  1/2 credit
  • Senior Art Seminar–  1 credit
  • Elective courses–  minimum of 3 credits.

Portfolio Preparation course – highly recommended.

Specific information is available from the Art Department.

Students pursuing a three or five-credit sequence in Media Arts are required to take:

  • –       Media Arts 1:  ½ credit
  • –       Media Arts 2:  ½ credit
  • –       Senior Art Seminar:  1 credit

Art History & Appreciation course –  highly recommended

Students pursuing a three or five-credit sequence the Theatre Arts are required to take:

  • Stagecraft I
  • Acting
  • Advanced Acting

Please note:  Only Foundation level Art courses are permitted to be used to meet the one credit Art/Music graduation requirement.