The English Department at Monroe-Woodbury High School provides students with a curriculum that is aligned with the NYS Common Core Learning Standards. Students listen, speak, read and write for information and understanding; literary response and expression; critical analysis and evaluation; and social interaction. As per New York State requirements, four full credits in English are required for graduation.

Students study in full-year courses through their junior year. In their senior year, students select two semester courses based on their interests. Seniors with their teacher’s recommendation may instead enroll in the 12th grade Honors course which bears college credit through S.U.N.Y. Orange, or in the 12th grade Advanced Placement Literature & Composition course, which bears college credit through S.U.N.Y. Albany and the University in the High School Program.

Academic Intervention Services are provided for students who experience difficulty with reading and writing skills.

The English Department meets the interests and needs of students by enabling them to:

  • study in full-year courses;
  • combine required courses with various electives;
  • participate in Academic Intervention courses to strengthen English skills;
  • participate on the staff of a school publication; and
  • earn college credits in junior and/or senior year.


Criteria are established for admission to various levels of instruction. Teacher recommendation will be considered for appropriate student placement. The final determination for course/program selection will reside with administration.


The Honors/AP Program affords an opportunity for a placement that comes with increased expectations, and greater and above average demands for independence. Applicants for placement should be those enthusiastic students who possess better than average reading, writing, critical thinking and inquiry skills.

Students may be first admitted to the Honors/Advanced Placement Program for 9th grade dependent upon placement in a matrix comprised of 7th and 8th grade classroom and standardized test scores, as well as teacher recommendation. A minimum raw score average of 90% in a non-honors class is required for initial consideration and 85% for continuation in the program. Chairperson and administrative approval are required.