Science Department

The philosophy of the Science Department at Monroe-Woodbury High School is to provide a flexible, interesting, and comprehensive program of Science courses for the student body.

Course selections are varied in subject and sophistication and offer students an opportunity to pursue their interest in Science at various levels with a wide range of choices such as Regents, Honors, and Advanced Placement. These choices may meet the minimum graduation requirements of three years of Science or be the basis of further study for Science-oriented students.

We want students to acquire a scientific attitude to deal objectively with the problems encountered in their daily lives and to leave Monroe-Woodbury with a basic understanding and respect for Science and its application in our ever-changing world.


  1. All students are required to earn a minimum of three credits in Science of which one credit must be in Biology.
  2. All students who desire a Regents diploma are required to pass the appropriate Regents examination(s).
  3. All students shall pass a minimum of one Regents exam in Science.
  4. In accordance with SED policy, students must successfully complete 1200 minutes of approved laboratory experiences in order to take the appropriate Science Regents examination. This will include students actively engaged in “hands-on” projects in a laboratory setting, satisfactory completion of written lab reports, and required research as assigned by the teacher.


Criteria are established for admission to various levels of instruction. Teacher recommendation will be considered for appropriate student placement. The final determination for course/program selection will reside with administration.


For students demonstrating outstanding motivation, effort, and comprehension in the sciences, the department offers a series of Honors and Advanced Placement courses. Enrollment is subject to  administrative approval and requires the recommendation of the current science teacher and authorization from the Department Chair.  A minimum raw score of 93% in all past and present science courses is required for initial consideration, and consistent scores of 85% or higher are required for retention in the Honors program.  Additionally, a minimum score of 85%  must be earned in all previous mathematics courses for placement in Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics, AP Physics and AP  Chemistry.  Placement in AP Physics-C also requires completion or concurrent enrollment in Calculus.  Students not meeting retention requirements are subject to removal from the Honors program in science following administrative review.  Any students wishing to take concurrent science courses with labs must obtain permission from administration (this option is for seniors only). Students who do not take the affiliated AP exams will receive Honors weighting toward their GPA for that course.



  • Grade   9 – Earth Science
  • Grade 10 – Living Environment
  • Grade 11 – Chemistry (R or G), Integrated Science or Elective
  • Grade 12 – Physics (R or G), or Elective Course


(Encouraged to pursue Science Research)

  • Grade  8 – Earth Science (Accelerated) or Living Environment (Accelerated)
  • Grade  9 – Biology H or Earth Science H
  • Grade 10 – Chemistry H
  • Grade 11 – Physics H or AP Physics A and Other Advance Placement Science
  • Grade 12 – Advanced Placement/College Science



Chart of science courses offered at each grade level