Interscholastic Rules & Regulations

Students wishing to participate in Interscholastic Athletics are required to have a copy signifying their understanding of this policy, signed by both student and parent, on file with the school district.  Interscholastic Rules and Regulations Agreement

The Monroe-Woodbury Central School District is a member of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, Section IX Athletic Council and the Orange County Interscholastic Athletic Association and, therefore, adheres to the Rules and Regulations of these governing bodies.

If a student accepts the privilege of being a member of a Monroe-Woodbury athletic team, he or she must adhere to the rules and regulations as outlined below.

I. Goals of the Athletic Program

  1. To develop sportsmanship by learning to play fairly and to abide by the rules of the game.
  2.  To train athletes to accept winning and losing graciously.
  3. To develop self-discipline and confidence.
  4.  To develop a sense of responsibility and to make sound decisions.
  5. To develop leadership.
  6. To develop the athletes ability to express his or her emotions in a socially acceptable manner.
  7. To build character and learn that personal sacrifice may be required for the good of the team.
  8.  To develop the respect for teammates, opponents and others.
  9. To develop a high state of physical fitness to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

II. Physical Examination

A student trying out for an athletic team must have a medical examination by the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District appointed physician or school nurse or Family Physician.

  1. No student will be allowed to begin practice until cleared by the school nurse.
  2. The medical clearance is valid for one calendar year. Medical updates are required for each sport season.
  3. If a student is medically excused from Physical Education, the student cannot play or practice in any sport during this “Medically Excused Physical Education Time”.

III. Conduct

Members of a Monroe-Woodbury athletic team are required to conduct themselves as good citizens both in school and out in the community. Athletes are expected to act like ladies and gentlemen at all times when visiting other schools for an athletic contest.

IV. Hazing

“Hazing” is not permitted under any circumstances. “Hazing” is defined as any behavior exhibited by a student(s) toward a student, teacher, coach or individual, which degrades, demeans, humiliates and places at risk physical and/or emotional harm toward that individual(s). Hazing is against the law in New York State. Hazing resulting in an injury to a person is a Class “A” misdemeanor and hazing which creates a substantial risk of injury to a person is a law violation.


Any student athlete on in/out of school suspension may not participate in any practice/try-out or athletic contest during the day(s) of suspension. If the period of suspension includes a weekend or holiday, the student athlete may not participate during the weekend or holiday period of time.

VI. Leaving the Squad

  1. As a member of the District’s Athletic Teams, the school games and practices take precedent over any community affiliated team games/practices. Players who do not attend school team games/practices without consent of the coach will face disciplinary action which could result in suspension from the school team.
  2. It is the player’s responsibility and obligation to inform the coach if he or she desires to leave or quit a team. Failure to accept the responsibility of notifying the coach, unless under justifiable or extenuating circumstances, will result in automatic suspension from further athletic participation for the remainder of the season and the next sport season.

VII. Training Rules

The Monroe-Woodbury Central School District recognizes that the use of alcohol, tobacco, steroids or other illegal drugs decreases long-term athletic activity performance, decreases the overall academic performance, increases the probability for physical injury and lessens the chance for a student to reach his or her full measure of excellence. Self-disclosure to the Coach, Athletic Director and/or Student Assistance Counselor concerning his or her substance abuse problem will result in no disciplinary action as long as the player follows the recommended care plan as outlined by the Student Assistance Counselor. A player caught breaking Training Rules is subject to the following disciplinary action as outlined below:

A. LEVEL I – Suspension from one contest.

  1. Conduct unbecoming an athlete.
  2. Illegally absent from school on the day of a contest. (If illegally absent on Friday, student cannot participate in a Saturday or Sunday contest.)
  3. Violation of any curfew established by a coach.

B. LEVEL II – Suspension from the team for one week; however the player must continue participation at all practices.

  1. Repeat of a second Level I violation.
  2. Use or possession of alcohol, tobacco (to include smokeless tobacco) vaping, steroids or other illegal drugs:
    1. Offender, with parent(s), has conference with Coach, Athletic Director and Student Assistance Counselor.
    2. To Be Reinstated as Eligible: The player must meet the requirements as outlined by the school’s Student Assistance Counselor.

3. Verbal abuse to a coach, teacher and/or school administrator.

C. LEVEL III – Repeat of a Level II offense results in suspension from the team for two weeks; however, the player must continue participation at all practices.

D. LEVEL IV – Suspension for the sport season (cannot participate on any athletic team during the season of suspension, i.e., an athlete suspended from X-Country would also be ineligible for soccer).

  1. Hazing–Defined in IV.
  2. Willfully damages facilities or property whether at Monroe-Woodbury or at another school.
  3. Stealing
  4. Quitting a team without prior discussion with the coach. (See VI-B).
  5. Repeat of a Level II violation (s) as outlined in Training Rules B-2.
    1.  Offender, with parent(s), has conference with Athletic Director, Student Assistance Counselor and School Administrator
    2. To Be Reinstated as Eligible for subsequent season(s), an assessment and adherence to the Recommended Care Plan as outlined by the Student Assistance Counselor.

E. Post-Season Athletic Contests (League, Sectional and/or State Contests).

If a Level III violation by an athletic team member occurs during post-season play, the athlete will be subject to disciplinary action affecting the next athletic season in which the athlete will participate, for a period not to exceed 2 sport seasons. The athlete can practice with the athletic team, but he/she will not be able to participate in scrimmages or athletic contests during the suspension period.

F. Level V – One school year suspension

  1. The distribution of illicit drugs.
  2. Hazing or physical abuse to a coach, teacher or student athlete.
  3. Repeat of a Level IV violation.

G. Any school violation or policy supersedes any level or area outlined above.

The school administration has the prerogative of exceeding any of the aforementioned steps depending upon the seriousness of the situation.

VIII. Student Eligibility

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) states:

  1. “A contestant must be a bonafide student of the high school represented who is taking at least four (4) academic subjects including Physical Education”.
  2. “A student may compete for no more than eight (8) consecutive semesters beginning with the semester in which he or she has entered the 9th grade and is between the 14th and 19th birthdays. If the age of 19 years is reached on or after July 1st, the student may continue to participate during that school year in all sports”.

These guidelines are established to assist students to maintain and put forth appropriate academic effort. The policy is inclusionary, and it is intended to keep students actively involved in co-curricular activities and to use the positive influence of the advisor/coach to improve a student’s academic performance. It intends to allow students to participate in all practices, rehearsals, etc., but not in any contest, event, game, scrimmage, etc., for a period of two school weeks or until the academic deficiencies are improved.
Students will be considered ineligible to participate in a co-curricular activity:

  • If they fail more than one subject during any five-week progress or ten-week report card cycle.
  • If they do not complete a satisfactory two-week Performance Report indicating satisfactory academic achievement or effort.
  • If their academic deficiencies continue after reinstatement to the co-curricular activity.
  • Classified students will be reviewed to determine if the subject failure is a related manifestation of the students’ handicapping condition.

IX. Equipment – Facilities – Property

Players are to respect the Monroe-Woodbury School equipment, facilities, and property as well as at the away school.

Players are responsible for all equipment and uniforms issued to them and they should return these items in the same state that they were issued.

  1. Equipment, uniforms, etc. issued to player are to be used only for the purpose of team practices or games.
  2. Lost or misused equipment will be charged to the player responsible for it and restitution will be required. No awards or further participation will be granted until restitution is made.
  3. Any player found to be in the possession of unauthorized Monroe-Woodbury or other property or willfully damages Monroe-Woodbury and/or fellow student athletes property, or other schools’ property, will be subject to suspension from the team, possible arrest and/or legal action and restitution.
  4. Locker Room Use – Participants are responsible to use assigned lockers and to secure belongings daily with a lock. All student items are to be removed from the locker immediately after the conclusion of the season.

X. Travel

  1. Team members are required to travel to and from an away athletic contest on the school bus or in transportation provided and/or approved by the school district.
  2. Requests by parents for exceptions to this rule must be made to the coach in writing. These exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the coach providing it doesn’t become a continuous request.

XI. Practices – Games – Team Affairs

Players are expected to attend all practices, games, and team affairs unless legally excused by the coach and/or school official.

  1. It is the responsibility of the player to notify the coach in advance if he or she cannot attend practice, game, etc.
  2. If a player is detained for academic reasons or school related activities, he or she must bring a signed note from the teacher stating the time of release for the coach’s verification.
  3. If the athlete does not report to school (Attendance Office) by the end of the fourth period, he or she will not be allowed to participate in that days’ practice session or athletic contest unless for medical reasons, which must be accompanied by a physician’s note, or because of extenuating circumstances which must be verified by a note from a parent or guardian.
  4. If an athlete is illegally absent from school on Friday, he or she cannot compete in a Saturday or Sunday contest, unless a legal written excuse is received by the coach.

XII. Student Appeal Process

Any student who is suspended under Level IV can exercise his “due process”
rights by making an appeal as follows:

  1. The student has two (2) school days to appeal in writing to the Athletic Director.
  2. The Athletic Director should rule on the written appeal within (5) school days.
  3. A subsequent appeal can be made to the Building Principal.

XIII. School District Insurance Coverage