Buon appetito! Study of Italy culminates in delicious feast!

on April 18, 2016

Students in Mrs. Zuzek’s class enjoyed learning about Italy as they got ready for their Sapphire students conduct science experiments.culminating activity – an Italian Feast in their classroom. The children completed two mapping activities where they learned about the seven continents, four major oceans, hemispheres, prime meridian, equator, cities, volcanoes, rivers, seas, islands, the capital of Italy, and how to read a key. They also learned where certain vegetables, fruits and spices came from and where they grow (on vines, trees, underground or bushes.)

Science was aSapphire students conduct science experiments.lso incorporated into this unit when the children learned about Galileo and thermometers. They had a great time mixing a liquid with a solid to mSapphire students enjoy Italian feast.ae a gas, carbon dioxide, while watching the temperature change. They called their experiment Fizz Freezer!

Mrs. Zuzek’s children made spaghetti, sauce (gravy!) meatballs, and garlic bread in their classroom and ALL from scratch. While enjoying their feast they listened to Italian music and even did a little dancing!

Buon appetito! (Enjoy your food!)

Sapphire students enjoy Italian feast.

Sapphire students enjoy Italian feast.