Boundary Line Alteration Information

This page contains current and past communication regarding the proposed annexation of land from the Town of Monroe to the Village of Kiryas Joel. It will be updated on a regular basis as information becomes available.

2017 Communication

August 14, 2017  – Q & A was emailed to all M-W families

Dear Monroe-Woodbury families,

Since my recent update regarding the Kiryas Joel annexation, I have received several questions from residents. Below are responses to these questions. We will continue to provide updates as information becomes available.

Q: What is the revenue difference for the M-W school district between the 164 acres, which were annexed into the Village of Kiryas Joel in 2015, and the additional 56 acres, which would be added to make the proposed Town of Palm Tree?
A: The proposed Town of Palm Tree would be formed by combining two land areas – one 164 acres and the other 56 acres. As a general rule, aligning school district and municipal boundaries simplifies the assessment and tax collection process and leads to a more equitable and understandable distribution of school taxes. The revenue loss for the 164 acre annexation, which is now in the Village of Kiryas Joel but currently still part of the Monroe-Woodbury School District, is $691,615*. The revenue loss for the additional 56 acres is $188,761*.
*calculations using 2017 assessments

Q: Are there any factors that offset the loss of revenue?
A: Yes. If the boundaries were to be changed between the two districts, Monroe-Woodbury would no longer provide services to the students residing in that area. These students, as well as any students who may move into this area in the future, would become the responsibility of the Kiryas Joel School District.

Q: What type of services is Monroe-Woodbury CSD required to provide to students residing in that area of 220 acres presently inside M-W district boundaries?
A: Since many of the students residing in that area attend non-public schools, we are required to provide the following services: Transportation, Special Education Services, Health Services and all related services.

Q: How much would it cost the average taxpayer if the district were to redraw the boundary lines between the two school districts?
A: We are currently working on determining the average cost. There are multiple factors involved in determining property tax, including but not limited to, the specific town where a district resident resides.

Q: Where can I find a map that outlines the specific parcels that make up the proposed Town of Palm Tree?
A: Orange County has created a map of the proposed town outlining the specific parcels that, if approved by the voters of Monroe, would make up the new Town of Palm Tree.

We will continue to update you as we gather more information.


Elsie Rodriguez
Superintendent of Schools

August 10, 2017 –  Letter from Superintendent of Schools Elsie Rodriguez was emailed to all Monroe-Woodbury families

Dear Monroe-Woodbury families,

I hope you are enjoying your summer break. The summer months pass by quickly as we ready our buildings for the return of students on September 6.

I’m writing to share with you the most recent information related to the annexation of land from the Town of Monroe to the Village of Kiryas Joel. Most recently, Kiryas Joel has proposed to form a new town to separate the Village of Kiryas Joel from the Town of Monroe. Under the proposal, the 164 acres annexed from the Town of Monroe in 2015 – plus an additional 56 acres – would be detached from Monroe to create a new Town of Palm Tree.

The Orange County Legislature will be holding two public hearings next week regarding the proposal. The Legislature will vote on September 7 and, if approved, Monroe voters would decide the outcome on November 7. This agreement is contingent upon the changing of school district boundaries so that the 220 acres are moved from the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District to Kiryas Joel School District. The new town would be legally established in January 2020 if approved by voters.

It is important to note that the school district represents more than just the town of Monroe; we also represent the town of Woodbury, as well as parts of Tuxedo, Chester and Blooming Grove. In total, the school district is accountable to more than 29,000 taxpayers who reside in these towns. It is our job to ensure we make fiscally prudent decisions for our taxpayers.

Making the decision to move boundary lines requires a methodical, complex approach. Just two weeks ago, the district received revised parcel information from the Town of Monroe, numbers that differed from those previously discussed. As a result, the district is working quickly to compile an updated report, utilizing the new data.

Based on the most current assessment information, if the formation of the Town of Palm Tree is approved and school district boundaries are moved, the district would lose approximately $880,000 in tax revenue, an amount which would then be absorbed by the remaining taxpayers. District representatives have been meeting with leaders at various state levels since March, in hopes of identifying ways to mitigate the impact on M-W taxpayers. These conversations will continue.

What next? The district will conclude its study shortly and then publicly discuss the findings and recommendations. Our first, and primary, focus is always what is in the best interest of our students. We will continue to be the voice of the students, families and residents of Monroe-Woodbury.

As always, please contact me at 460-6200, ext. 6201 or email if you have questions. Enjoy the final weeks of summer!

Warm regards,

Elsie Rodriguez
Superintendent of Schools