Parent/Student Portal

The Parent/Student Portal is part of the Student Information System at Monroe-Woodbury.  It enables students and parents to see schedules, assignments, grades, attendance and course registration requests.  More importantly, it is key to reaching parents and guardians with important information in case of weather issues, building closures or other important district events.

The Portal is designed to:

  • provide grades, attendance and other information to parents, guardians and students
  • manage communication and emergency information from the school district to parents and guardians

Parent Student Portal logo The link for the parent/student portal is posted on district and school home pages in QUICK LINKS.

For students:

All students have access to the Portal. No sign-up is necessary. The Portal allows students to view their attendance, grades and assignments teacher by teacher.  Beginning in 8th grade, high school course selection is submitted through the Portal. Links to certain online testing sites are also provided.

For parents:

There are two parts to the Parent Portal:

  1. The Parent Portal account is linked only to student(s) who are family members of the parent/guardian. Once enrolled, parents/guardians will have access to review each student’s attendance, grades, assignments and other information posted by individual teachers.
  2. The Swiftk12 Alert System allows parents/guardians to designate the contacts and media used by the district for sharing information and updates such as weather emergencies and school closings.

To enroll in Parent Portal

  • Sign-up is available in all school buildings in the Main Office
  • Sign-up is also available during school Orientations and Open Houses
  • Please Note the following documents must be presented in person to sign up:
    • photo identification (driver’s license, passport, photo ID)
    • proof of residency in the district (which can be your driver’s license with district address, utility bill etc.)

Once document have been viewed and accepted, parents/guardians will create a Parent Portal account linked to their personal email. District staff will then provide:

  • Account Access Code(s)
  • Account Password(s)

for all students related to the parent/guardian.

SwiftK12 Contact System

SwiftK12 is used to contact parents and guardians with important school and district information.  The district reaches out in three ways:

  • Email
  • Voice phone calls
  • SMS Text Messaging

Parents/guardians can control the contact method(s) used to reach them.  If phone calls are inconvenient, choose text or email.  If email access is limited, choose phone call or text. All three methods may be chosen if that is preferred. The district will send notifications only by the methods selected in SwiftK-12.

One important note:  in the event of an emergency, the Emergency Broadcast will use all three contact methods regardless of selected preferences.  In an emergency, contacting parents/guardians is the priority.

How to set Contact Preferences in SwiftK12

Once logged in to the Portal, look for the SwiftK12 heading on the left navigation bar.

Parent Portal left navigation bar showing location of SwiftK12 header Click the SwiftReach SwiftK12 link

The SwiftK12 Home page opens.







SwiftK12 Home

Home page of the SwiftK12 alert system

The Home page contains copies of recent messages sent by the district to give parents/guardians an opportunity to review something they may have missed.

There are 2 additional tabs next to the Home tab:

  • Contact Information and
  • Alert Preferences

SwiftK12 Contact Information tab

the Contact Information tab of the Swift K12 alert system

Basic Information should be completed with parent/guardian phone and email contact information. The most critical phones and emails would be listed first. Relatives, grandparents, neighbors or babysitter information may also be added in order of importance so they be contacted if desired. Please note that the Home Phone is also requested.

Remember to Save Changes!




SwiftK12 Alert Preferences tab

Alert Preferences allows you to choose which Contacts are chosen for different categories of message. Contacts 1 through 5 listed here were provided on the Contact Information page.

By checking and unchecking the cell phone, email and home phones, parents/guardians can determine who is contacted and how.

Remember to SAVE CHANGES!

PLEASE NOTE: The contacts under EMERGENCY are NOT able to be changed. In an emergency such as an early dismissal due to weather or other issue, the district contacts everyone on the list.

ONE MORE NOTE: The SwiftK12 system is new. At this time, Monroe-Woodbury is using ONLY these categories:

  • General Information
  • Emergency
  • Teacher Message (This allows teachers have the option to send messages directly to parent/guardian or other contacts.)

The following categories are NOT in use:

  • Attendance
  • Fee Alerts
  • Grade Alerts
  • Lunch Balance – The district uses PayPams and not SwiftK12 for meal information and balances.

As these categories are made available and configured by the district, information will be posted.

Questions about Parent Portal?

Please contact the school Main Office.

A printable version of the Parent Portal information is available: Student/Parent Portal
This online document will appear to be spaced incorrectly but will print normally when File – Print is clicked.