PTA Reflections Program

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The National PTA Reflections Program welcomes students of all grades and abilities to explore and be involved in the arts. Students reflect on a theme, create original works of art in the categories of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts and earn positive recognition for their achievements.

UPDATE: The results are in! Congratulations to M-W’s three NY State level winners!

Of the ten entries advancing to NY State competition from our Region, M-W is the proud home to three Award of Merit winners! All three state level winners are Middle School students! Congratulations to:

Joshua LeViseur – Music Composition

Rohan Sonakya – Film/Video Production

Emily Wang – Music Composition

All Award of Merit entries are displayed at the NY State PTA in Albany through the summer so there’s plenty of time to check them out when visiting Albany!  #crusaderpride

Congratulations to the district’s winners…

*  Entries of district winners whose names are noted with an asterisk were also judged at the regional level and have advanced to NY State Level competition.

Secondary Level

Table of secondary level PTA Reflections contest winners
High School
Photography 1st Place Emily Schacher
Film Production 1st Place Chloe Guerrera
2nd Place * Emily Schacher   *
Literature 1st Place Tyler Schacher
2nd Place Emily Schacher
Music Composition 1st Place * Yena Lee   *
2nd Place Emeric Panyko
Middle School
Literature 1st Place Rhea Kaw
2nd Place Rohan Sonakya
3rd Place – tie Peter Colella, Jessica Sisilli
Photography 1st Place * Colin Davidson    *
2nd Place Isabelle Woods
3rd Place Emily Taveras
Visual Arts 1st Place Sarah Ledwitz
2nd Place Marisa Sikorsky
3rd Place – tie Eliza Franco, Ashley Magen
Dance 1st Place * Nicole Hunter and Holly Paterno   *
Film Production 1st Place * Rohan Sonakya   *
Music Composition 1st Place * Emily Wang   *
2nd Place * Joshua LeViseur   *

Elementary Level

Table of elementary school PTA Reflections contest winners
North Main
Photography – Grades 3-5 1st Place Sophia Kilroy Grade 3
2nd Place Harrison Aaron Grade 5
Literature – Grades 3-5 1st Place Christina Van Beusekom Grade 5
2nd Place Daniela Van Beusekom Grade 3
Visual Arts – Grades 3-5 1st Place Carson Pesce Grade 5
2nd Place Charlotte Scanlon Grade 5
Pine Tree
Photography – Grade 2 1st Place Alexander Ramos Grade 2
Photography – Grades 3-5 1st Place Gabriel Ramos Grade 4
Literature – Grade 2 1st Place Alexander Ramos Grade 2
Literature – Grades 3-5 1st Place Matthew Rucker Grade 5
2nd Place William Reynolds Grade 3
3rd Place Kayla Postolowski Grade 4
Visual Arts – Grade 2 1st Place Julia Yustein Grade 2
2nd Place Alyssa Sisilli Grade 2
Visual Arts – Grades 3-5 1st Place Jackson Spivak Grade 3
2nd Place Rebecca Hayes Grade 5
3rd Place Samantha Wilson Grade 5
Musical Composition – Grade 2 1st Place * Caleb Landres   * Grade 2
Photography 1st Place Dillon Christie Grade 1
Literature 1st Place Luke Postolowski Grade 1
2nd Place Luke Postolowski Grade 1
3rd Place Andrew D’Ambroso Kindergarten
Visual Arts 1st Place Michala Cooper Grade 1
2nd Place Emily Gulick Grade 1
3rd Place Slade Carlin Grade 1
Dance Choreography 1st Place * Matan Kalkstein   * Kindergarten
Smith Clove
Literature 1st Place * Steve Alappatt    * Grade 1
Visual Arts 1st Place Alexi P. Johnmar Grade 1
2nd Place Jessica Alappatt Kindergarten
Dance Choreography 1st Place Ruby Eberly Grade 1

*  Entries of students whose names are noted with an asterisk have advanced to NY State Level Competition.