Buses recognized for good behavior

on March 24, 2016

Each month, the M-W Bus Garage honors buses that exemplify best student behavior, cooperation and kindness. Congrats to recent honorees!

Bus #438 – M-W Middle SchoolMiddle School January Bus of the Month
“My middle school students are the best! From day one they have followed the rules and truly are respectful towards one another and what I appreciate most of all is the respect they show me every day by riding our bus in a safe manner and being model students. I am honored to be their bus driver.”
– KellyAnn Haight, bus driver


Bus #438 – North Main ElementaryNorth Main Bus of the Month
“I am happy to say that my students are amazing boys and girls. When school first started there was a lot of excitement and having 47 children can be noisy. They’ve learned the safety aspect of inside voices and sitting properly in their seats. I am so proud of our bus and all they have accomplished and I am proud to be their bus driver.”
– KellyAnn Haight, bus driver


Bus#442 – Smith Clove ElementarySmith Clove bus of the month
“My Smith Clove students behave and listen to my instructions about safety on the bus. They are well mannered and kind to each other. I am very proud of them.”
– Winnie Massimo, bus driver




Bus #556 – Sapphire Elementary Sapphire bus of the month
“My students have improved so much since September. They all try to move toward the window so the next person can sit next to them. They are all looking for the signal before they cross. They are also being kind to one another. I am very proud of the group of kids.”
– Evelyn Miller, bus driver