M-W senior earns Gold Award; designs parking signs for expectant moms

on October 11, 2016

While she was on her way to a tournament with her travel lacrosse team, M-W High School senior Megan Midtbo was contemplating what to do for her Girl Scout Gold Award project. Her coach, 8 months pregnant at the time, was told she needed to park a very far distance from where the team would be playing. A light bulb went off and “Parking for Your Baby Bump” was born!

High School senior creates parking signs for Gold Award.

M-W High School senior Megan Midtbo designed and fundraised to get 17 parking signs for expectant mothers placed in locations throughout the community.

The Gold Award is the highest honor a girl scout can earn. To earn this distinction, scouts must create and fully implement an original project that is sustainable and benefits the community. In addition, they must work alone and raise funds to cover the cost of the project.

Megan’s hard work has paid off. Today there are 18 “Reserved Parking for Expectant Mothers” signs in various locations in the school district, Village of Monroe, Town of Monroe and in Smith Clove Park. With some help from the designers at Prestige Graphics in Middletown and money raised from a two-day garage sale, Megan’s vision became a reality.

Megan is completing her Girl Scout journey this year, a path she began as a Daisy 13 years ago. She is a member of Troop 569 in Monroe, along with 7 other original Troop members, who are under the leadership of Girl Scout leaders Kim Gannon, Jodi Fischbein and Pam Hickey. Original troop members include Danielle Gannon, Danielle Fischbein, Marriel Hickey, Kaylee Sperling, Brianna DeGennaro, Gina Aiello, Hailey Davisberg and Midtbo. Annie Kurdziel and Dagny Lytle joined the troop more recently.

“It’s great to see the signs up,” said Megan. “I want to reach out to other communities and see if they would be interested in putting up as well. I remember thinking how unfair it was to have my coach walk so far when she was pregnant! The community support for my project was very humbling.”