Music Boosters announce scholarship winners

on May 25, 2016

District Music Coordinator Nicole Regan and the M-W Music Boosters announce the winners of the 2015-2016 scholarships. Thanks to the supporters who pay membership dues, purchase flowers and candy at concerts and display car magnets, Music Boosters distributed almost $8,000 in scholarships and All-State awards!

In order to be eligible, students in grades 5-12 completed an application outlining their achievements in music, in the district and in outside clubs or lessons. In addition, they received teacher recommendations and participated in an interview process with judges.

Scholarship recipients for 2015-16:

5th Graders:  Central Valley 

  • Jillian Barry
  • Matthew Graves
  • Emma Shae Filonow
  • Anne Mangatt
  • Jacqueline Patino

5th Graders:  North Main       

  • Amara Leitner
  • Sarah Ledwitz
  • Madeline Williams
  • Sophia Zaro

5th Graders:  Pine Tree         

  • Jenna Rowen-Delson
  • Ryan Ezratty
  • Dominick Juliano
  • Alexis Leone
  • Holly Paterno
  • Ashok Sathiyamoorthy
  • Ella Sussner

Middle School:  6th Grade    

  • Claire Galipeau
  • Ethan Laderman
  • Mark Lee
  • Gabriella Stewart

Middle School:  7th Grade    

  • Meghan Jezik
  • Joshua LeViseur
  • Daniel Luo
  • Jennifer Song
  • Emily Wang

Middle School:  8th Grade    

  • Alexia Cole
  • Melissa Dantico
  • Jessica Ebner
  • Eric Perricelli

High School:  9th Grade        

  • Hayden Abrahams
  • Emma Dawson
  • Fred Mourad
  • Hannah Whitfield

High School:  10th Grade     

  • Sophie Jaeger
  • Trevor LaDue
  • Angela Prictoe

High School:  11th Grade     

  • Katharine Edel
  • Matt Moment
  • Cory Tshinkel
  • Christine Wang

High School:  12th Grade     

  • Anthony Eckerson
  • Austin Frandino
  • Natalie Kyvik
  • Gabrielle Rae Lacen