Toni Scancarello is Athlete of the Week

on October 13, 2016

The Monroe-Woodbury Athletic Director, Lori Hock, would like to announce that Toni Scancarello is the “Athlete of the Week” for the week ending October 14, 2016 for the Monroe-Woodbury Varsity Volleyball team coached by Karen Zuzek.

When you think of the Athlete of the Week you often think of the player who scored the winning point or goal, had the most points or kills, as in volleyball, or the player that had the big save or defensive play of the game. Too often we forget about the player who is asked to come off the bench in a crucial situation and is expected to perform at their highest level without the benefit of being able to get “into” the game along with her teammates.

Also often forgotten is the teammate who always tries her best and always cheers her teammates on regardless of her playing time. The teammate who keeps her team in a close match or brings them back at the right time because she is so positive and supportive. Monroe-Woodbury Varsity Volleyball has this type of player. She leads our bench, pregame cheers and timeout cheers. They would not be the same without her.

I have always said, “A team is only as good as its bench!” Monroe-Woodbury’s Varsity Volleyball team has this type of bench. It is led by a young lady who never gives up, supports her teammates from the court as well as the bench, and not only rallies our team but also our fans. I have to say we have won several very close matches because of this young lady and her leadership.

This past week she came off the bench when our players were struggling to get into a rhythm and played an amazing game. She had several unbelievable saves due to her skill, determination and hustle! She turned the momentum of the game around enabling us to secure a win.

Monroe-Woodbury’s Varsity Volleyball Athlete of the Week is #13, sophomore, Toni Scancarello.

Congratulations Toni !