Update from Superintendent Rodriguez regarding Kiryas Joel annexation

on March 13, 2016

March 7, 2016

Dear member of the Monroe-Woodbury community,

As you may recall in my letter dated October 16, 2015, the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District Board of Education approved the appointment of Questar III BOCES, State Aid and Financial Planning to assess the short- and long-term financial impacts of the annexation of land to the Village of Kiryas Joel. While we have made progress, our research continues.

The district’s business office has been working with Questar to model state aid changes for M-W, which will be impacted by the addition of students from the land proposed for annexation. The model will incorporate two scenarios, one that considers 164 acres and one that considers 507 acres.

We know that both revenues and expenditures will be impacted. The basis for aid will be affected by changing property values and wealth factors. The main areas impacted by increased expenditures will be transportation, special education and related services for both public and private school placements. The model will also take into consideration historical figures from existing demographic data and projections.

This is a complex and time consuming project and we are committed to gathering comprehensive data that provides an educated projection of both short and long-term impacts to the district and our community. To that end, we have requested Questar to conduct additional research. We expect a preliminary report will be completed within a reasonable time frame after additional data has been analyzed by Questar III BOCES.

Please know we are working diligently to get answers that will help us shape a plan that is in the best interest of our students and our M-W families. I will share more detailed information when the research is complete.

Warm regards,

Elsie Rodriguez
Superintendent of Schools