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Facts About FACS

The Facts About FACS

Family and Consumer Sciences

The goal of Family and Consumer Sciences is to prepare students to be competent, confident, and caring as they manage their personal, family, and career lives. During the middle level years, students approach each new activity with energy and enthusiasm.  It is an ideal time to expose them to as many new opportunities as possible.  Each new opportunity successfully completed is a building block for self-confidence.  Many theories learned in other classes are reinforced and applied to this area of study. 

The Middle School course, Home and Career Skills, is a required 30 week program:  20 weeks in Grade 7 and 10 weeks in Grade 8.  The revised performance based curriculum incorporates the current New York State Education Department Learning Standards and the Universal Competencies.  Students apply knowledge with respect to the roles and responsibilities they will assume as an adult including those of parent, home manager, family member, worker, learner, and consumer.  The performance objectives are met by applying the process skills of decision making, problem solving, and resource management.  Cooperative activities teach the interpersonal, organizational, and personal skills students need in the workplace and in the home. 

Grade 7

  Mrs. Callan         Mrs. Gerard Mrs. O'Mara Mrs. Rickli

The performance based outcomes of the 7th grade program focus on:
  • Exploring self-image and improving self-confidence
  • Demonstrating personal and academic responsibility
  • Demonstrating cooperative social skills
  • Applying decision-making strategies for dealing with bullying and other forms of harassment.  Demonstrating the principles of safe and healthy child care
  • Following directions and using resource management skills to create a sewing machine project
  • Evaluating their own eating patterns and understanding the relationships among diet, health, and physical activity.
  • Understanding the elements of good nutrition to prepare a variety of nutritious foods
  • Developing an awareness of food related diseases and eating disorders that impact our health and wellness
  • Applying the principles of food safety and sanitation

Grade 8

                            Mrs. McNamara                              Mrs. Rickli 

The performance based outcomes of the 8th grade program focus on:

  •  Research a successful entrepreneur, determine factors that lead to business success, and complete a business project.
  • Identify personal interests and research careers for future career planning using the Internet. Complete a career portfolio and create a career PowerPoint presentation.
  • Demonstrate the rules for filling out a job application and effective interviewing skills.
  • Identify techniques that will help you spend your money wisely and develop an operative budget.  Empowering students to be effective citizens in the marketplace; students who then will be able to advocate for  themselves and their families.
  • Maintain a checkbook by writing checks, using deposit slips and balancing the check register. 
  • Apply work ethics, team building and creativity; develop planning, organization, and problem solving skills.

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