Monroe-Woodbury Military Families

In December 2015, the members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives voted in favor of the Every Student Succeeds Act. This legislation included a military student identifier that will enable military leaders, educators, and elected officials at all levels of government to understand how military-connected children are performing in school.

Military-connected children live with challenges presented by frequent moves, parental deployments, and a host of life transitions that include reintegration and dealing with profoundly changed parents. Teachers and school administrators are often unaware of military-connected children being within their schools and classrooms and therefore not attentive to not only the academic needs, but also the social and emotional well-being of these children.

Without the military student identifier, educators and policy leaders have no way of knowing whether these students are faring well, keeping pace, or falling behind. The identifier will provide data to inform both educators and policymakers, enabling them to adjust programs, direct resources and adopt strategies that support these students and their military families.

Additionally, the Department of Education annually provides over $36 million in Impact Aid to school districts which serve the children of military and civilian employees. This funding enables us to provide programs and services that may not otherwise be available to students.

New entrants provide this information as part of the MWCSD Registration process. In addition, Monroe-Woodbury annually mails a demographic survey to parents and/or guardians to be updated. This survey assures that the information the district is mandated to report for NYSED and Federal requirements and funding opportunities is accurate. The cooperation of all parents and/or guardians in verifying the requested information is appreciated.