Crusader Chat/Community Forum Video Excerpts

On Tuesday, October 23, Monroe-Woodbury residents will be given the opportunity to vote on a proposed $8.4 million capital improvement project, which includes maintenance of the high school cooling system and improvements to athletic facilities. On October 10, district leaders held a Crusader Chat, or community forum, during which Superintendent of Schools Elsie Rodriguez and Assistant Superintendent of Business and Management Services Patrick Cahill presented the facts about the proposed project and then answered questions from community members.

The conversation was very informative and productive, so we are sharing excerpts from the chat (which lasted approximately one hour and 30 minutes) as a way of sharing information with our community. Please feel free to contact district leaders directly with questions or email them to [email protected]

Crusader Chart, Part 1 – Overview of proposed project

Crusader Chat, Part 2 – Why do this capital project?

Crusader Chat, Part 3 – Financing