Why do capital improvements?

An investment for the future

HVAC (Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning) improvements at high school

  • Temperature inconsistencies occur throughout building
  • Replacement of the cooling tower and chillers should improve system performance and the comfort of occupants.
  • Identified on the Building Condition Survey and facilities long range plan as in need of replacement

Improvements to Athletic Fields

  • District must contend with inadequate field capacity and poor field conditions.
  • M-W fields and athletic facilities are in constant demand from community groups and our own interscholastic athletic teams. The fields are frequently in poor condition from overuse and often unusable for interscholastic competitions.
  • As a result, M-W teams play more ‘away’ games, which increases transportation expenses and causes difficulties for families.
  • Restricted use has improved some fields, but that causes overuse of others.
  • Community groups have shared how this has caused upset among their teams.
  • Grass fields are subject to the vagaries of weather and can be unplayable for days after rain.
  • The district has more M-W teams and new modified teams that now require space.
  • Due to the NYS DOT construction project, field #29 in front of CV is gone and field #11 is encroached upon by new exit ramp.
  • Track replacement and lighted field #12
    • Will enable M-W to host regional and statewide competitions, benefitting the school district and the local economy
    • Unique opportunity to reinvest one time DOT and state funding to solve the problem
    • Cost savings will occur due to lower maintenance costs of turf versus grass fields