February 2018 Strategic Planning Survey

Overview of Responses

The following responses were received from the district’s stakeholder groups:

  • Family Engagement Survey (parents/guardians with children in the district) – 906 responses
  • Community Engagement Survey (residents who do not have children in the district) – 309 responses
  • School Performance Scan (teachers & administrators) – 431 responses
  • Support Services (clerical and other support staff) – 112 responses
  • Student Voice (grades 3-5) – 1,000+ responses
  • Student Voice (middle school & high school) – 3,200 responses

In addition to completing the survey, respondents were given the opportunity to share additional thoughts. Middle school and high school students shared more than 275 pages of comments! Middle school students indicated they would like more extra help options; had concerns about time between classes; had questions related to the dress code; and shared the desire to be listened to more and to be provided opportunities to give input about concerns in their school and the district.

High school students asked the district to research the possibility of a later start time for school days; shared their concern about vaping (which has been addressed with a revised BOE policy); asked for a review of the homework policy; and shared their desire to be more connected with the adults in the school community. And there was an overwhelming request for more mozzarella sticks!

Parents/guardians most often requested more communication with staff before grades are finalized or a problem exists. Community members primarily shared their concerns related to school taxes and field conditions.

The 34-member Strategic Planning Core Team evaluated the findings of the survey and identified the following four focus areas, based on responses by district stakeholders:

  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • Student Engagement
  • Social/Emotional Wellness
  • Communications

Task forces consisting of students, staff, administrators and community members have been hard at work compiling action steps, strategies and plans to help strengthen these areas.

For a more details related to the strategic planning process, please view the Strategic Planning Process Overview.

If you have questions related to the long-term plan, please email Superintendent of Schools Elsie Rodriguez at [email protected] or call 845-460-6200, ext. 6201.