Monroe-Woodbury is a district that cares deeply about the surrounding community, with a primary focus on students. M-W offers a rigorous curriculum, wide range of extracurricular activities ranging from music to athletics, and a dedicated staff who provides students a stimulating, engaging educational experience with a global view. M-W students are encouraged to do their best and, in turn, make a difference in our world.

Elementary School

Kindergarten students are encouraged to express themselves through music and art and develop basic concepts to prepare them for later learning. Full-day kindergarten and grade 1 programs are housed exclusively in two buildings: Sapphire Elementary and Smith Clove Elementary.

In Grades 2-5, students move to one of three elementary buildings: Central Valley, North Main and Pine Tree. Major emphasis is placed on basic academic skills, with enrichment opportunities in reading, writing, speaking, listening and mathematics  A hands-on approach is stressed, particularly in mathematics, social studies and science.

Throughout their elementary years, students participate in “specials” on a daily basis with offerings in music, art, physical and health education and library skills. All elementary students experience learning with iPads in the early levels and Chromebooks in the upper levels. Instrumental music, band, orchestra, chorus and other enrichment activities are offered as electives.

Middle School16_01_ms_debate2

M-W Middle School serves grades 6-8 and is organized as a “House Plan” that continues throughout secondary education. The student body is divided into four houses and is assigned a team of academic teachers, facilitating better understanding of individual students’ needs as well as coordination of instructional programs. These academic teachers present core instruction in English, mathematics, social studies and science. Students leave their “house” for fine arts, family and consumer sciences, technology, physical and health education, languages, computer and library skills, as well as study and remedial support and special services.

High School16_01_hs_music

The high school continues the “House Plan” for core subjects, with the goal of developing a closer community of administrators, teachers and students to encourage a sense of belonging and involvement. A wide range of courses from core curricula to electives provides our students with opportunities to prepare for college and career opportunities after high school. Advanced Placement courses, as well as access to college credit courses through SUNY Orange and SUNY Albany, are offered in a variety of disciplines. Many clubs and activities provide opportunities to explore specific interests, while outstanding musical and artistic programs and athletic teams are part of our tradition of excellence at Monroe-Woodbury.

Information Technology16_01_ms_comp

Monroe-Woodbury is committed to preparing its students at all grade levels for a future rich in technological tools and devices. In March 2020, the district embarked on a 1 to 1 program for all students K-12. In Kindergarten and Grade 1, students were assigned individual iPads. Students in grades 2-12 were assigned individual Chromebooks. Teacher use of G Suite Enterprise for Education including Google Classroom and Meet allow classroom participation in class and at home. As part of the 1 to 1 initiative, the district provided equal access by working with individual households to ensure internet connectivity.  The district’s innovative use of 3-D printers, drones and robotics provides our students with new ways to broaden their classwork experience. For more information: Instructional Technology

The New York Smart Schools Bond Act has made funding available to the district for the improvement of the technology infrastructure to support increased wireless connectivity. The district is working with NYSED to receive final approval for the M-W Smart Schools Investment Plan (SSIP). For more information: Smart Schools Bond Act