Academic Intervention Services

Academic Intervention Services are designed to help students achieve grade level expectations in English Language Arts and Mathematics in grades K-12 and Social Studies and Science in grades 4-12. These intervention services include additional instruction that supplements the general curriculum.

The intensity of services may vary but must be designed to respond to student needs as indicated through various assessment measures which are consistent throughout the district at each grade level.


What is meant by “additional instruction?”

Additional Instruction means the provision of extra time for focused instruction and/or increased student-teacher instructional contact time designed to help students achieve the learning standards in the standard areas requiring Academic Intervention Services (AIS).

How are student support services defined under AIS?

Student support services means interventions that address barriers to student progress in State learning standards areas requiring AIS and may include, as needed, school guidance and counseling, services to improve attendance, coordination of services provided by other agencies and study skills. Support services do not include direct academic instruction.

Examples of barriers to academic progress that student support services might address include, but are not limited to, attendance problems, discipline problems, family-related issues, health-related issues, nutrition related issues, and/or mobility/transfer issues.

Must academic intervention services be provided to students with disabilities or for English as a New Language (ENL)/Limited English Proficient (LEP) students?

Yes. Academic intervention services must be provided to students with disabilities on the same basis as non-disabled students. Students with disabilities are determined to need such services in the same manner as students without disabilities, i.e., by scoring below the designated performance level on various assessment measures.

Academic intervention services for Limited English Proficient (LEP)/English as a New Language (ENL) must be supplementary and “in addition to” and must not replace the English as Second Language (ESL) instructional program requirements under CR Part 154. AIS must be planned and implemented in coordination with the ELL student’s general education program.

How are students determined eligible for academic intervention services?

Students eligible for AIS, including those with disabilities and/or limited English proficiency, are:

  • Students at risk of not meeting grade level expectations as indicated through district approved assessments and procedures;
  • Students who score below the designated performance levels on elementary, intermediate and commencement-level State assessments in English Language Arts, mathematics, social studies and science;
  • ENL/LEP students who do not achieve the annual designated performance standards.

What is the “State Designated Performance Level” on state assessments for the purpose of including students in the academic intervention services program?

Each year the elementary and intermediate State assessments will have four designated performance levels on each assessment. All students who score below level 3 (in levels 1 and 2) are eligible to receive Academic Intervention Services. At the high school level, students who score below the approved local passing grade on State assessments required for graduation are eligible to receive Academic Intervention Services.

The services for particular students should vary in intensity based on their needs. Scoring at level 1 or 2 on State assessments does not automatically determine the intensity of service. To determine the level of intensity needed by any student who scores below the designated State performance level, districts are advised to review other measures and sources of evidence to determine if a particular score on a State assessment is indicative of that student’s overall level of performance and to determine AIS accordingly.

When are academic services not required?

Academic intervention services are not required in standards areas where there are no State assessments, even though students must earn one or more units of credit for graduation. They are only required in English language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science.