Foundation Level Art Courses

Foundation Level Grades 9-12

Acting I
1/2 Credit

The course is designed as a study and practice of the basic principles of modern acting, using the Stanislavski-based method. The course examines the role of the actor, with emphasis given to concentration and imagination exercises, theatre games, improvisation, character development, sensory skills, movement and voice articulation, as well as the fundamentals of preparing a scene.

This course may be taken more than once for credit.

1/2 Credit

This course is an introduction to the history and creation of cartoons and animation. Students will produce a variety of cartoons and comics related to everyday situations, politics, superheroes or elements in traditional artistic media as well as use a variety of computer programs. This course will also survey the works of the Walt Disney Studios, Hannah-Barbera, Nickelodeon, and MTV graphics and animations. Students will produce approximately four animated movies using the Macromedia Flash MX program.

Creative Crafts
1/2 Credit

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of three-dimensional design through the creation of well-crafted items in fabrics and fibers, clay, and metals. The curriculum includes historical perspectives, artistic styles and the Elements and Principles of Design which will be incorporated into the process of creativity.

Drawing and Design for Production
1 Credit

This full-year course introduces students to mechanical drawing, modeling, color theory, computer-generated graphics, idea development, and the process of communicating ideas graphically. Students design and create posters, toys, packaging, CD covers, personal logos, and stationery, etc. This course may be taught one semester by the Art Department and one semester by the Technology Department.  Satisfactory completion of this course meets the one credit Art/Music graduation requirement.

Graphic Design
1/2 Credit

Computer Graphics is an introduction to graphic Paint Programs, desktop publishing, and image alteration software. Students will become familiar with the MacIntosh computer and the Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter programs. Projects include applicable contests and community promotions. Work is saved on CD and hard copy.

Intro to Sculpture
1/2 Credit

Intro to Sculpture introduces students to the elements and principles of design while focusing on three-dimensional design applications. This course is the companion course to Studio Art and focuses on sculptural applications and techniques. Both Studio Art and Intro to Sculpture are required courses for students planning a major sequence in Art.

1/2 Credit

Stagecraft and Set Design is a beginning course in technical production including: familiarization with the planning, illustrating, and construction of basic stage scenery, theatrical equipment and materials, costumes and properties, the fundamentals of the stage lighting/sound, and laboratory work on the high school theatrical productions. Students will study set designers’ techniques.

Studio Art
1/2 Credit

Studio Art introduces students to a variety of drawing and painting methods and to the elements and principles of design, basic drawing techniques, and a variety of art media. The curriculum includes a survey of artworks by both master as well as contemporary artists, critical analysis of artwork, and color theory.

Video Production
1/2 Credit

Video Production explores the creative use of media through video and sound. Students cover historical perspectives, scripting, and film their own works.

Foundation Level Courses for Grades 10-12

Art History & Appreciation
1/2 Credit

This course is required for Art majors and recommended for non-Art majors. “Why is the Mona Lisa considered a masterpiece? Why is a particular painting in a museum when it looks as though anyone could have painted it? What is Art? Why do you feel a painting is beautiful or ugly?” This course will answer these questions and explain art history in a non-traditional format. Students will examine current and historical controversies in the art world. This course is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

1/2 Credit

Operating the 35mm SLR, developing film and making prints are covered in this semester course which emphasizes both the technical and artistic aspects of photography. Available light, time exposures, action, contemporary and master photographers are studied. No prerequisite is required. It is recommended that students have access to a 35mm SLR camera. Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.