What is an Art Major

An Art Major is a student who is interested in the Fine Arts and/or Media Arts.  A student who has taken a Visual Art sequence of 5-credits toward graduation could be eligible for the “NYS Regents Diploma of Distinction in the Visual Arts.”  A 5-credit sequence allows the Art Major to try a variety of introductory and advanced art courses and in the process, develop a media or fine arts based portfolio.

A student with a 3-credit sequence can be considered an Art Major but will not qualify for the Diploma of Distinction.  A 3-credit sequence allows students with multiple interests to pursue their artistic goals.  An art sequence will appear on their high school transcript or college application.

Who can become an Art Major?

Anyone thinking of pursuing the Arts in college, but also anyone who is motivated and would like to add a highlight to their high school transcript or college application.

What are the particular classes that an Art Major is required to take?

  • Studio Art
  • Intro to Sculpture
  • Senior Art Seminar
  • Art History & Appreciation

*It is highly recommended that all Art Majors enroll in Drawing & Painting and Portfolio Prep*

Why was the Art Major program created?

The Art Major sequences were created to foster individual potential in a variety of artistic venues.  The Art Major sequence builds self-confidence, independent thinking and creativity.  It lends support for college application and portfolio preparation.  The Art Majors are special to us in the Art Department.  We love to help students develop their unique talents and see their growth throughout their high school years.

Monroe-Woodbury Art Major Alumni have gone on to be successful Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Art Studio owners, Art Curators at the Smithsonian Museum and the Louvre museum, Animation Directors in Japan, Video Directors at MTV – just to name a few!!


Listing of courses in Art, which can also be found at: https://www.mw.k12.ny.us/academics/high-school-program-of-studies/art-department/

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