Recommended Business Education Sites

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)
Topic: Personal Management: Career Information

Published by the Bureau of Labor Standards, the OOH is a nationally recognized source of career information which details information on approximately 250 occupations which account for about 7 out of every 8 jobs in the economy. The summaries describe what workers do on the job, working conditions, training and education requirements, earnings, and expected job prospects for a wide range of occupations. This site is a must for Personal Management students working on the required career project.

Career Zone
Topic: Career Information
This site will provide Personal Management students with additional information for their “You and Your Future” career project. Check this site out especially if you can’t find a match on the occupational outlook handbook site.

INC Magazine
Topic: Personal Management/Marketing: Entrepreneurship and Marketing
Provides access to current and back issues of Inc. Magazine with a searchable index. Magazine articles cover the latest topics in marketing, management, and Entrepreneurship. Excellent links to recommended reading on a wide variety of business topics, as well as management/marketing tips of the day.

Small Business Administration
Topic: Personal Management – Starting Your Own Business
Provides information and assistance to those wishing to start their own small businesses. Topics include lending, investment, international trade, disaster assistance, women’s business ownership. Listing of local SBA offices included.

U.S. Business Advisor
Topic: Personal Management – Business Ownership
Provides one stop access to federal government information, services, and transactions regarding ownership of business in the United States. There are five ways to get information — links to Common Questions, a “How To”, Search, Browse, and News.

New York Stock Exchange
Topic: Personal Management – Corporations/Stock
Provides a tour of the world’s largest securities market, links to listed companies, which provide information about the company. Detailed information about exchange, including an educational section. Of particular interest in the education section is an online guide to investing. Lots of interesting links at this site.

American Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ Exchange
Topic: Personal Management – Stocks
American Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ Exchange. Sites provide similar information to the New York Stock Exchange.

Thomas Legislative Information
Topic: Business Law – Legislative Information
A service provided by the Library of Congress. Included are floor activities for the week in both the House and Senate; bills before House and Senate, including summary and status, Congressional Records, Committee info, historical documents, the legislative process, U.S. Government Internet Resource and links to same.

American Bar Association
Topic: Business Law – American Bar Association
LAWLINK provides links to other legal research and informational resources on the Internet under the general topics as follows: general Federal Government, legislative branch, the executive branch, the judiciary, U.S. Court of Appeals, selected law school libraries, international sites, miscellaneous sites (forms and U.S. small business).

Consumer Law Page
Topic: Business Law – Consumer Law
An informative up-to-date consumer law site sponsored by the Alexander Law Firm. Included are articles on various topics of interest to consumers, over 100 consumer information brochures, and a list of more than 1,000 Internet resources from hundreds of sites. Topics include product liability, class action lawsuits a legal first-aid primer, personal injury information, stock fraud, stopping corporate rip-offs, as well as information on product recalls.

Legal Information Institute
Topic: Business Law – U. S. Code
Both sites provide a search engine for actual text and information on all federal laws (codes).

Consumer Complaint Information
Topic: Business Law – Personal Management: Administrative Agencies and Consumer Law
This site is sponsored by the Alexander Law Firm to provide a method of promptly communicating consumer complaints to agencies authorized to investigate and take action for consumers. Consumers can select category of product and will be given background information on how to solve problems themselves and, if need be, how to report to agencies.