Computer Education

During the last few years, our computer literacy program has evolved so that, in addition to courses in computer education, courses in English, Business, Math, Science, Art, Technology Education and many other disciplines have integrated computer skills as part of their curriculum. This is partially accomplished by the efforts of our Computer Literacy Teacher and the Computer Teaching Assistants who work with the teachers and classes in especially equipped computer laboratories.

Students are encouraged to develop research and introductory professional skills in computer utilization through problem solving techniques. For the more motivated computer students, there is an opportunity to learn complex programming techniques, introductory vocational skills, and other advanced computer applications. Because of the great demand for computer time during our school day, our computer facilities are open Tuesday through Thursday until 4:00 p.m. contingent on the availability of buses.


The primary objective of the computer literacy program is to develop computer literate students by incorporating within various curricula:  1) a knowledge of computer capabilities, 2) an understanding of the impact the computer has on society, and 3) an opportunity to develop skills in computer applications and programming.


Internet Applications                          1/2 Credit

This semester course is designed to encourage students to be thoughtful, productive users of the Internet and to provide them with the tools to be creative, discerning participants in this exciting new technology. Topics include: search engines; basic HTML editing; file downloading structures; virus scanning; e-mail structure, and web server applications.  This semester course may be offered as a full-year, alternate-day course.

Web Design                                             1/2 Credit

This course is designed primarily for students interested in creating, developing and  publishing web design. It is a hands-on course that will introduce students to the basic and intermediate features of the Macromedia Dreamweaver MX web development application. This semester course may be offered as a full-year, alternate-day course. Its pre-requisite is Internet Applications.