English Electives

Exploring Teaching as a Profession
1/2 Credit

This course is an introduction to education and the profession of teaching. We will explore concepts of schooling, the changing role of teachers, restructuring schools, and teaching as a career. We will examine theories of teaching and learning, as well as the nature of formalized education and the history that informs its current practice. Students will examine their motivation to teach and their current and emerging understanding of teaching throughout the semester.

Since education and teaching are social events, group work for discussions and assignments are a major component of this course. Course activities will include stimulating readings, guest speakers, interviews and observations of current teachers, hands-on projects designed to practice the role of teacher, and an internship with a mentor.

1/2 Credit

This course introduces you to the basics of journalism. Course topics include ethics and law, interviewing, reporting, writing, editing, photojournalism, and web publishing. Students in this course will be contributing writers to our school’s student news website The Wire. This gives you the opportunity to put your skills into action and have your writing published and read. Additionally, we will discuss current events, ongoing issues and controversies in journalism, and how we can become responsible consumers of news.

This course can be taken multiple times for credit.

Creative Writing
1/2 Credit

This course is designed to help young writers to explore their expressive voices through various genres. Students work equally in prose (short story, drama, fable, etc.) and poetry (sonnet, villanelle, triolet, free verse, etc.) while experimenting with exercises which are based on the works of various writing theorists (Macrorie, Elbow, Murray, etc.). Major evaluations will include an anthology of student work, as well as a daybook containing all class and draft work from the course. Open to juniors and seniors.

1/2 Credit

This course will provide students with the experience of reading, creating and experiencing the power of poetry. Poetry will be viewed from multiple perspectives and in a variety of poetic forms. In addition to studying poetry analytically, students will participate in a writing workshop to create their own poems. Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Public Speaking & Debate
1/2 Credit

This course provides an introduction to and practice of the skill of public speaking. Included in this class is instruction in speech preparation and research and practical experiences for public presentations of speeches. This course requires active participation and provides excellent preparation for poise and communication in college and the adult world.

Student Authors Seminar
1/2 Credit

This course offers an opportunity for students who wish to pursue scholarly work outside the regular ELA course structure, and thus allows motivated students who are invested in writing to work on individual projects under the guidance of a teacher mentor. Students design a proposal and work with the teacher to help fulfill goals and objectives related to the proposal which may include, but are not limited to: writing collections of poetry; writing short and long fiction of various genres including novels, screenplays, dramas, and graphic-based pieces; writing personal essays; researching authors; and writing for contests, publications, and awards.

This course is open to students in grades 9-12, and can be taken multiple times throughout high school for credit.