Family and Consumer Sciences – FACS

The Family and Consumer Sciences Program is designed to open up a whole new world for students. The diverse coursework offers hands-on application while applying theories and industry standards. The courses are designed to be project-based, hands-on, and enjoyable. The staff offers students a wide range of instructional opportunities to help them develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to take charge of their own lives and to become productive citizens. The goals of Family and Consumer Sciences are to provide students with the basic skills, comprehensive study and training needed for those wishing to major in this field, and to provide strategies that will enable them to balance the overwhelming responsibilities of family and the workplace.

There are many courses to choose from in a variety of areas. We offer courses from Foods to Fashion, Early Childhood to Human Relations, and Teenage Life Skills to Parenting. The Family and Consumer Sciences Program includes courses in the following areas

  • Foods & Nutrition
  • Lifespan Study
  • Clothing and Textiles
  • Housing and Environment

In addition to coursework, the Family and Consumer Sciences department offers a unique hands-on opportunity for our students to explore careers in education and child development by serving as supervised teachers in our Little Miracles Preschool, a pre-kindergarten program housed within the high school.

Course Requirements / Prerequisites:
  1. All “Elective” level courses such as Foods & Nutrition II/III, Human Relations II, and Fashion II require satisfactory completion of “Core Level” courses for students wishing to sequence in Family and Consumer Sciences.
  2. Students who select a sequence of five credits or more in Family and Consumer Sciences will be exempt from the Regents Diploma L.O.T.E. requirement.
  3.  For students enrolled in an Occupational Education sequence leading to a Regents Diploma, Fashion I and Interior Design satisfies 1/2 Art graduation requirement.
  4.  Parenting course fulfills the New York State Parenting requirement for graduation and the second Health requirement.