The goal of the Monroe-Woodbury High School Mathematics Department is to provide all students with a solid foundation in the content areas of number sense, algebra, geometry, measurement, statistics and probability. By acquiring these skills, students will learn to problem-solve, reason logically, represent problems in multiple ways, and communicate mathematically. Upon completion of our program, students will have a strong foundation in mathematics that will help them meet their post-high school goals. The department accommodates a full range of ability levels by offering a variety of courses. Recommendations for the appropriate level class are based on students’ performance on standardized tests, in-class achievement, and teacher recommendation. For students with exceptional ability and interest, courses in pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, and discrete math are available. Students who enroll in calculus have the opportunity to earn Advanced Placement and/or college credit. All courses are aligned to meet New York State standards.

Graduation Requirements:

  1. All students must earn a minimum of three credits of mathematics.
  2. To meet the requirements for a Regents diploma, students must pass one Mathematics Regents Examination.
  3. To meet the requirements for an Advanced Regents diploma, students must pass the required Mathematics Regents Examinations.

Honors/Advanced Placement Policy:

Students selected for the Honors Program possess above average thinking skills, mathematical intuition, and intellectual curiosity. In addition, these students must have a willingness to pursue knowledge for the sake of knowledge and an excellent work ethic. Evidence of this level of interest and achievement can be found on diagnostic and standardized tests, department mid-terms and finals, and classroom performance. Teachers’ recommendations and approval of the department chairperson are required in order to be admitted to this program. To remain in the program, students must continue to perform at an above-average level by maintaining an 85% average in their current Honors classes.