Math Electives

College Statistics
1/2 Credit

This elective course includes collecting, organizing, and analyzing data using a variety of statistical techniques and tests. Students will study frequency distributions; students will learn to interpret data a make decisions based on the results of the statistical tests. Examples may come from analysis of random events, games of chance, and economic cycles.

Internet Applications
1/2 Credit

This semester course is designed to encourage students to be thoughtful, productive users of the Internet and to provide them with the tools to be creative, discerning participants in its technology. Topics include: search engines, basic HTML editing, file downloading, virus scanning, e-mail, and web-server applications. This course is the prerequisite to Web Design.

Web Design
1/2 Credit

This course is designed primarily for students interested in creating, developing, and publishing web pages. It is a hands-on, project-based course that will introduce students to the basic and intermediate features of Macromedia Dreamweaver Web development software. Its prerequisite is Internet Applications.

Algebra w/AIS
½ Credit

Enrollment in this course is required for all students enrolled in Algebra1 Common Core with AIS.  The course provides reinforcement of skills and concepts studied in the co-requisite math course, Algebra1 Common Core with AIS.  It also will remediate skill deficiencies that are needed for success on the Algebra1 (Common Core) Regents Examination.

AIS for the Algebra Regents Examination
¼ – ½ Credit

This course is highly recommended for all students who are not currently enrolled in an algebra course, but still need to fulfill their math Regents Exam requirement for graduation.  This course will review topics and skills needed for success on the Algebra1 Common Core Regents Exam.  This alternate-day semester course may be repeatedly until the graduation requirement has been satisfied.