Social Studies

The goal of the Monroe-Woodbury High School Social Studies Program is to promote student understanding of Western and non-Western civilizations and to provide opportunities for in-depth study of selected areas of the social sciences through the elective and Advanced Placement Programs.

The required two-year Global History and Geography core curriculum is designed to focus on the five Social Studies standards, common themes that recur across time and place through seven historical eras. The curriculum provides students with the opportunity to explore the history and culture of various regions and civilizations at a given time. In addition, it enables them to investigate issues and themes from multiple perspectives and to make the global connections and linkages that lead to in-depth understanding.

The required 11th grade United States History and Government course is designed to promote understanding of the basic principles and cultural heritage that support U.S. democracy, the structure and function of government, and the expectations and responsibilities of a citizen in the United States.

The 12th grade program includes required courses in Economics and Participation in Government as well as elective and Advanced Placement options. Students are able to earn college credit through the Advanced Placement Program. Elective course offerings are available (1/2 credit per semester course) in areas of special interest that enable students to further develop their abilities and/or achieve advanced standing in college programs.

  1. All students shall earn four credits in Social Studies.
  2. All students must take and pass either the Regents examinations in Global History and Geography and United States History and Government or the appropriate Regents Competency Tests.
  3. The four credits must include 1/2 credit in Participation in Government and 1/2 credit in Economics.

Criteria are established for admission to various levels of instruction. Teacher recommendation will be considered for appropriate student placement. The final determination for course/program selection will reside with administration.


Students are admitted to the Honors/Advanced Placement Program dependent upon standardized test scores, past performance, teacher recommendation, and required departmental and administrative approval. A minimum raw score average of 92% is required for initial consideration and 85% for continuation in the program.