World Languages

Monroe-Woodbury Central School  District offers all students an opportunity to study one or more languages other than English: French, Italian, and Spanish. The study of WORLD LANGUAGES deals with both linguistic and cultural objectives. The linguistic objectives include the development of competency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The cultural objectives and topics include recognition of the universality of human experiences and comprehension of the people who speak the foreign language in terms of:

  1. their significant geographical/political and cultural features
  2. their heritage
  3. their unique contribution to western civilization
  4. an understanding of language itself as a manifestation of culture.

Students may begin their formal study of a World Language as early as grade 7 (Middle School). Certain colleges have begun requiring two credits of World Language at the High School level in their criteria for applicants, without which admission is difficult. Students should keep this in mind before dropping World Language prior to completing level 3 which represents two years of secondary language education. This should meet the minimal language requirement for most colleges and universities. College preparatory level programs are available in all three languages offered. Students who successfully complete the third year of the WORLD LANGUAGES Program with a final average of 80% are encouraged to continue with advanced study in the language. The fourth and fifth years of language study are offered in conjunction with the “University in the High School Program” at S.U.N.Y. Albany. Students in the “University in the High School Program” are eligible to receive college credit depending upon the scores they achieve and the policies of the college/university that they attend.


  1. All students must earn a minimum of one credit in a second language by the end of grade 9
    and/or pass a Second Language Proficiency Examination. This is a graduation requirement.
  2. Students acquiring five-credits in Art, Business, FACS, Music, Technology Education, or Vocational Education are exempt from the WORLD LANGUAGES requirement for the Advanced Regents diploma.


Criteria are established for admission to various levels of instruction. Teacher recommendation will be considered for appropriate student placement. The final determination for course/program selection will reside with administration.
An adapted half-year contract is available for Level I and III for students who are required to repeat the full year course for graduation purposes. The students must pass the final exam in January with a 65%.


Students are admitted to these advanced level courses based upon past performance, teacher recommendation, demonstrated ability in the language, and requires departmental and administrative approval. A minimum raw score average of 80% in the course and an 80% on the “Local Comprehensive Exam for Regents credit” are required for initial consideration and for continuation in the program. Chairperson and administrative approval are required.