Instructional Technology

Monroe-Woodbury is committed to integrating technology into the everyday lives of its students in school. The devices available to students include:

  • iMac Computer Labs in every building
  • iPads in all buildings
  • Chromebooks from upper elementary through grade 12
  • 3D Printers
  • Robotics software and equipment

The use of iPads in the classroom is focused on the youngest students up to and including grade 5.

Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education begin in upper elementary grades and continue through grade 12.  The district is currently providing grade level and/or classroom sets of Chromebooks in all grades 2-5 elementary and secondary buildings.

The New York Smart Schools Bond Act has made funding available to the district for the improvement of the technology infrastructure to support increased wireless connectivity. The district is working with NYSED to receive final approval for the M-W Smart Schools Investment Plan (SSIP).

Technology in the Classroom at Monroe-Woodbury

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