Instructional Technology

1 to 1 Computer Devices

Monroe-Woodbury is committed to integrating technology into the everyday lives of our students to facilitate all facets of 21st century learning. With the successful implementation of our current 1:1 device initiative, all M-W students will be issued a personal device for use at home and in school. The devices are appropriate for each grade level curriculum: Chromebooks for grades 2-12, and iPads for grades K-1.

Equipment in schools

There is a desktop computer in every classroom, along with an interactive whiteboard and projector, or an interactive flat panel. Our High School has an iMac lab available in our Art Department, a PC lab available for our Technology Department and a digital music lab for our Music Department. 3-D printers have recently been added to the Middle and Elementary Schools. With our robotics software and equipment, even our youngest students begin learning the fundamentals of computer science, and we have recently added AP Computer Science courses in our High School.

Digital Equity

Monroe-Woodbury is committed to ensuring Digital Equity for all students. We have an arrangement with Optimum to provide wifi access to students with no internet at home, and if there is no Optimum signal available, T-Mobile wifi hotspots will be used. Our goal is for all district students to benefit from the technology available to enhance their learning, both remotely and in the classroom.

Staying Current

Monroe-Woodbury teachers are trained in the use of Google Classroom, along with Google Meet and Google G-Suite Enterprise for effective remote learning in the current environment. The New York State Smart School Bond Act made funding available to the district for the improvement of the technology infrastructure to support increased wireless connectivity, and that upgrade has been completed throughout our buildings.

Data Privacy & Security Initiative – EdLaw 2-D

In response to New York State Education Law 2-D, enacted on July 1, 2020 the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District Board of Education created Policy 8625 – Privacy and Security for Student, Teacher and Principal Data on May 18, 2020. This policy addresses the district’s data privacy and security standards, data collection transparency and restrictions, and specific safeguards to the privacy and security of student data.

NYS Education Law 2-D also requires school districts to allow only applications and software that adhere to stringent policies regarding access to and maintenance of student personally identifiable data. Monroe-Woodbury utilizes a database of these approved applications. Families also have access to this data to help them protect their children at home.

Monroe-Woodbury Central School District Approved Technology List

Monroe-Woodbury Parents’ Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security