Grade 8 – Accelerated Math and Science

Algebra 1

Students are enrolled in the accelerated program based on math and placement scores. Those selected take the 9th grade course, Common Core Algebra I. In addition to the New York State 8th Grade Mathematics Assessment students will prepare for the Algebra 1 Regents Exam.


Students identified through a matrix of science, math, and placement test scores may qualify to participate in the 8th grade accelerated science program.  Students participating in this program will complete one high school course: Biology, The Living Environment. Upon successful completion of the course and final examination, (NYS Regents exam) students will be awarded one NYS Regents credit on their high school transcripts. As a student enters the High School, various science courses will be available.  Those 8th graders who participated in accelerated science at the middle school, will be evaluated for enrollment in the science honors program at the high school.