Degree Requirements and Diplomas

16_02_HS_GradHigh School Diplomas

Graduation from Monroe-Woodbury High School implies that students have satisfactorily completed the prescribed courses and exit outcomes in accordance with New York State Education law and the Monroe-Woodbury School District. Formal graduation exercises shall be held in June for all students who have completed the graduation requirements. Foreign exchange students will not participate in graduation exercises.

Diploma Options

In addition to offering New York State I.E.P., Local, Regents, Advanced Regents and Honors diplomas, the Monroe‑Woodbury School District has established Local, Regents, Honors and Advanced Regents Comprehensive Diplomas. Consistent with the District’s commitment to the encouragement and recognition of educational excellence, these diplomas are intended to officially acknowledge outstanding student effort and performance.

Effective February 2017, NY State Education Department issued new diploma requirements applicable to grade 9 students first entering high school in 2016. These revisions incorporate the Pathways to high school diplomas including STEM and other combinations of coursework and examinations. A graphic illustration of the diploma requirements is available from the NYSED website. A series of slide presentations by NYSED may also be helpful.

M-W Comprehensive Regents Diploma

The Comprehensive Diploma requirements significantly exceed regular diploma expectations.  Chief among the requirements is a commitment to 300 hours of community service. Students must submit in advance a plan for this service with goals and timetables. Additional electives are also a necessary component:

  • Local diploma – 2.5 additional elective credits
  • Regents diploma – 4.5 additional elective credits
  • Regents diploma with advanced designation – 6.5 additional elective credits

Specific requirements for obtaining Comprehensive Diplomas are available in the Main Office and House Offices and on the high school web page. For additional information about our Comprehensive Diploma requirements, please contact (845)460-7000, ext 7002.

Diploma Endorsements

Advanced Designation

Special diploma endorsements are available to provide students with:

  1. A predetermined course of study that would enhance their selection by college admissions offices;
  2. A real-world internship supervised by a practicing professional in his/her field of interest; and
  3. An academic focus based upon a minimum program average of 85%.  Special diploma endorsements, in addition to Comprehensive, are available in the following areas:
    • Pre-Engineering
    • Diploma of Distinction in the Arts
    • Communications

I.E.P. Diplomas (Individualized Education Program)

The awarding of I.E.P. diplomas provides districts with the opportunity to appropriately recognize the accomplishments of certain students with disabilities. I.E.P. diplomas must be clearly annotated on the front of the diploma to indicate that the award is based on the student’s successful achievement of the educational goals specified in the student’s current Individualized Education Program as recommended by the Committee on Special Education (CSE). Students who receive an I.E.P. diploma are entitled to continue their secondary education until they are 21 years old.

For more information about New York State’s new CDOS (Career Development and Occupational Studies) credential, please go to the following web address:

For more information on Local, I.E.P, Skills & Achievement, please contact our Student Support Services Department.

Early Graduation Program

Although not encouraged by our school district, the possibility exists for students and their parents/guardians to request consideration for early graduation from high school. The Early Graduate Program is primarily designed to allow selected students to start their college experience earlier than their peers. Early graduates become members of the senior class and have access to all senior privileges. Recognizing our commitment to a comprehensive education for all students, candidates must demonstrate excellent academic and citizenship standards and must submit a definitive post-secondary “plan of action.”  Admission to the program requires final approval by the principal. If a student is admitted to the Early Graduation Program, the actual awarding of the diploma will take place at the June graduation ceremony following the completion of all graduation requirements.

NCAA Academic Eligibility/Graduation Guidelines

Students who plan to practice and play NCAA Division I or Division II athletics must meet the requirements of NCAA Bylaw 14.3 commonly known as “Proposition 48.” Generally, this requires graduation from high school, a specific earned grade point average, as well as specific earned SAT scores in Verbal and Math, and the satisfactory completion of core course requirements. A complete listing of specific information is available from the guidance offices and the athletic director’s office.

It is the responsibility of the parent and student to become familiar with these guidelines early on in high school if the student plans to participate in college athletics.