Education Major

Education Major and Education Major with Concentration

What is an Education Major?

An Education Major is a student interested in exploring a career in or related to education. Students can decide to pursue this major and design a program at any time during high school; official declaration of intent is made at the beginning of senior year.

Who can become an Education Major?

Anyone thinking of pursuing the field of Education in college, and also anyone who is motivated and would like to add a highlight to their high school transcript or college application.

So many careers involve teaching and learning that this major can help support! Our students have been interested in nursing / medicine, speech pathology, psychology, business, and social work, to name a few. Students do not need to know what specific career or college major they want in order to pursue this learning path.

Two Options:

3 Credit – Education Major
5 Credit – Education Major with Concentration

Your option will be noted on your HS transcript and result in a special certificate to accompany your MWHS diploma.

Each option involves:

  • Specific courses
  • Elective options
  • A 65 hour internship (equivalent to an independent study; determined by student and related to education; must be approved by Ms. Bulla and/or Mrs. Rickli. Can be done during or outside school hours.)
  • A portfolio and presentation of the portfolio.

What specific classes must an Education Major take?

  • Exploring Teaching As A Profession
  • Early Childhood Education I
  • Psychology or Sociology
  • A second elective from approved list
  • An Internship

The Education Major is largely designed by you! There is flexibility so each student can pursue their interests, passions, and areas to grow in.
Each student will meet with Ms. Bulla or Mrs. Rickli to design their unique program.

I’m interested! How can I find out more?

Each spring Ms. Bulla & Mrs. Rickli will hold an informational meeting after school that any student can attend. Students should also email them at [email protected] or [email protected] and/or stop by the HS Guidance Office to pick up more detailed information.
Students considering an Education Major can email either Ms. Bulla or Mrs. Rickli at any time to design their program and get started.

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Why was the Education Major created?

The Education Major options were created to introduce students to the field of Education and the variety of career paths one might pursue in relation to teaching and schooling. Students will learn about what it means to be a teacher, to support student learning, and to be involved in related professions.

Fulfillment of an Education Major may support college applications.