Student Support Services

Monroe-Woodbury Central School District is committed to supporting students and their families. The district is dedicated to helping build a healthy, well educated and involved community.

School psychologists, social workers and student assistance coordinators are available in all buildings to find ways for students and families to locate the resources and support they need, in schools and also in the wider community.

Assessment of visual and hearing ability is a part of the student evaluation process. The district has a staff of teachers who specialize in working with visually and hearing impaired students, providing support not only to these students, but also to faculty and staff in utilizing appropriate equipment and teaching methods.

Speech and language pathologists in all school buildings assess and work with students whose communication skills may impact their confidence and participation in classroom activities.

Physical and occupational therapists work to improve mobility and organize assistance throughout the school day to allow students to fully participate in their education.

Assistive technologies are available to students who require special equipment to fully participate in classwork.

The M-W special education curriculum offers many academic interventions and services, spanning a range from general education with supplemental support services to provision for private residential settings for the severely and profoundly disabled. Specialized diplomas offer graduation credentials to special education students, and assistance is provided in post high school planning and placement.