Counseling Services

School Psychologists

Each school in the district has the services of a school psychologist who helps educators and parents by preventing, intervening in and facilitating improvement in student behavioral issues. The psychologist’s expertise in evaluating test results and working with students provides important input in developing a plan for staff and families to assist students.

School psychologists are mandated members of the Committee on Special Education who can interpret testing results to explain how those results impact educational needs. At the elementary level, a school psychologist greets all youngsters preparing to enter kindergarten to assist in measuring school readiness.

For students in need of in-school counseling, school psychologists meet with both individuals and groups. Counseling may be required by an Individual Education Plan (IEP), but is also be provided as necessary to any students at risk or in crisis.

Student Assistance Coordinators/Social Workers

School social workers are available in all district schools. As licensed professionals, they provide assistance to students and families when issues impact a student’s ability to succeed in school. In addition to meeting with and counseling students, they provide information to families to help them make use of available community resources and services.