And the winner of the 2018 Penguin Race is…

on March 13, 2018

Mr. Berger and Mrs. Regan challenged Mrs. Rodriguez and Dr. Hassler during the 2018 Penguin Races sponsored by Mrs. Ranaldi’s class. Not only did Mrs. Ranaldi’s students prove they are AWESOME (they knew SO MUCH about penguins), they cheered on their administrators to the finish line before taking a turn themselves!

Each year, this competition gets more fierce…from the costumes (Mr. Berger makes a really great penguin) to the “creative carrying” of the penguin eggs. Thanks to Mrs. Ranaldi and her students for a fun-filled, educational event! See you next year!

This year’s winner? Mrs. Rodriguez and Dr. Hassler! Better luck next time, Mr. Berger and Mrs. Regan! You have a year to practice. 🙂

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