New website homepage

December 3, 2021 

Dear Monroe-Woodbury students and families,

We are excited to share the district’s new website and mobile app with you! Things may look a bit different, so it may take some time for you to get comfortable navigating the new site and app. We are confident you will adjust to the new platform in no time.

Bear with us as we have lots of information to share!

Before we provide some “how-to tips” for navigating the new site and app, we have a request. The district has a presence on several social media platforms, including our newly launched Twitter page. Make sure to like/join/subscribe to each so you stay abreast of all things M-W! 

Note: The YouTube channel has changed, so you will need to renew your subscription even if you subscribed in the past. 

On to the new website! You will find the new website at the same url:

We are initiating the “switch over” of sites this afternoon and anticipate the process may take some time. The new site will be fully functional by the time we welcome students back to school on Monday. 


SCHOOLS - located next to MENU on the top right of the district homepage - START HERE and click on Monroe-Woodbury Central School District for district level information; a school for school specific information; or Athletics. 

MENU - located at the top right corner of the homepage. This is an important button as you will have access to the entire directory of content for the district webpage, individual schools or athletics. Click directly on a topic to view more information.

CALENDAR, PARENT/STUDENT PORTAL - these areas live at the very top of the homepages. They were the two most requested areas based on your response to the website survey. Please note that this calendar mirrors the format we had on the old website for easy use. The PDF of each school’s menu calendar is also there.

SEARCH (magnifying glass icon) - The search is specific to content found on our site so finding information you are looking for should be easy.

MAIN CATEGORIES - the circular headings are the main topic areas on both the district homepage and school homepages. They include: Athletics, Dining, Documents, Events, Live Feed, News, Staff and Calendar. These categories will be mirrored on the district app. 

  • Athletics: One stop shop for registration, schedules, requirements, news and more.

  • Dining: Daily Menus for each school

  • Documents: All forms and other important resources

  • Events: a weekly calendar of what’s happening in the district and in the buildings

  • Live Feed: up-to-the minute posts about what’s happening in our schools. Similar to our very own Twitter account! More to come on this in the weeks ahead

  • News: more detailed stories about staff, students and district happenings

  • Staff: (on building pages) how to reach district staff members by email

  • Calendar: printable calendars and Google calendar for the entire school year

Footer - allows easy access to live feed archives and all social media accounts as well as the attendance email link

MOBILE APP - The much requested app is here! The MWCSD mobile app is available as a free download from the Apple Store or Google Play. 

The app is designed to provide real time information related to district happenings at your fingertips. If you are looking for resources, background information, board policies, employment opportunities, transportation or food services, please visit the website.

Download the app/App Store:

Download the app/Google Play:

Navigation Tips:

In the Home screen, you will see:

Feed: a combined News and Live Feed

Events: an abbreviated calendar

Menu:  in the lower left corner gives you content for whichever location you choose.

Schools - in the lower right corner allows you to select the district, a school or Athletics

Menu - The Menu icons mirror the ones on the website with one addition: Notifications. (depending on your phone, you may need to scroll down to see Notifications)

Notifications: Instant messages (push notifications) from specific schools as well as the district and athletics. Multiple locations may be selected. You may alter these selections at any point in Settings. 

Settings (below right, wheel icon). This is your opportunity to personalize the app:

  1. Choose a language

  2. Choose the Default location that opens when you open the app

  3. Choose schools you want to be priorities for you

  4. Push Notifications - choose to receive important messages from the district as well as from individual schools directly to your phone!

Attached are introductory videos to both the site and mobile app. Have fun! And if you have questions, feel free to send us an email at [email protected]

Thank you! 

M-W Communications Team

Website Introductory Video:
Mobile App Introductory Video: