2020-21 Interscholastic Athletics FAQ

Q & A Regarding 2020-21 Interscholastic Athletics

Q: What sports will my child be able to participate in this winter season?

A: As of right now (12/2020) participation in low risk and moderate risk winter sports has been approved by the governor. These sports include:

  • Varsity Boys and Girls Bowling
  • Varsity Boys and Girls Skiing
  • Varsity Boys and Girls Indoor Track & Field
  • Varsity Boys Swimming & Diving (Girls Swimming & Diving is a fall sport)

High Risk sports have not yet been approved by the governor but we will be registering students for those sports with the hopes that we will have an opportunity to participate (either fully or in some capacity) by the end of the season.

These High Risk sports include:

  • Cheerleading – Varsity, JV, and Modified
  • Girls Basketball – Varsity, JV and Modified
  • Boys Basketball – Varsity, JV, and Modified
  • Wrestling – Varsity, JV, and Modified
  • Varsity Ice Hockey

Q: When does the winter season begin?

A: The winter season is set to begin on Tuesday, January 19th. Again, because of COVID, this is contingent upon approval from the state.

Q: Who can participate in Modified Sports?

A: Modified (Middle School) sports are open to 7th and 8th grade students. 6th graders are not eligible for interscholastic athletics according to NYSPHSAA bylaws.

Q: Can my middle school student “play up” on a high school team?

A: Middle School students “playing up” requires the student to go through the APP (Athletic Placement Process) process. Students must have prior approval and a recommendation from the high school coach in order to be considered. This is not a common occurrence here at Monroe-Woodbury. Logistically it is difficult for middle school students to participate on high school teams given the fact that the school day at the middle school ends an hour later than the high school.

Q: Can my daughter join Wrestling? Can my son join Cheerleading?

A: Absolutely!

Q: How do I register my child for a winter sport?

A: We are utilizing a new online registration program called rSchool Today. This program allows for parents to register their child for a winter sport and fill out all necessary forms online. The link to this program is on our school website under “Athletics.” The link has also been posted to all winter sports google classrooms and has been sent out via email to all families at the secondary level.

Q: What does the schedule look like for the other seasons?

A: As of right now the following has been approved:

  • Start date for winter sports: January 19, 2021
  • Start date for fall sports: March 1, 2020
  • Start date for spring sports: April 19, 2020

Q: Is there anything else we need to be doing right now to prepare for the winter season?

A: In addition to staying in shape physically, students should make sure they join their sport’s Google classroom. These virtual classrooms have been set up for all winter sports and codes are posted on the district website under “Athletics.” All updated and pertinent information will be posted by coaches in these virtual classrooms. In addition, please pay attention to updates posted on our school website. It is a good idea to check the site regularly.