Athletics Registration Troubleshooting

Problems you may encounter

Create one account:

Multiple accounts will cause issues with identifying your child, verifying your email. You will receive a message: Account already exists (If you accidentally created more than one account you will need to delete one)

Use your child’s correct full name:

If your child has a hyphenated name, Jr., or III. Please make sure you include it, otherwise the system will not recognize your child. You will get a message that says- Child does not exist

Verify the information you entered is correct:

If the system does not recognize your child make sure your information is correct. (Full legal name, D.O.B., and grade)

Register your child for the level he/she is permitted to play:

If your child is in 7/8th grade, they may not register for a JV/V sport unless prior approval is granted by the Director of Athletics. Do not attempt to register your child under a different grade level, it will not be permitted.

If you do not receive a verification email as you begin to register:

Check your spam box. Some servers may not recognize the email. If it does not appear after 30 minutes, call for verification.


If you have a “PENDING” on your family account under final clearance, that means your child is not yet cleared to participate. Each registration is reviewed by Health Office personnel before final clearance is given. There may be a back up due to inflow or there may be some additional information the health office may need. (You will receive an email requesting further information or documentation if this is the case.)


If you begin a registration but do not finish, make sure you hit the Save and Finish Later button on the bottom right of the registration screen. If you do not, all information added will be lost.


To return to complete a registration, it will be accessible under your Family account, in blue letters – Incomplete registration


This registration program works best if done on a desktop computer or a laptop. If this is done on a phone or tablet, the display may look different and it is more difficult to navigate.

Registration Help & Tech Support Phone: 612-605-1623