Monroe-Woodbury Interscholastic Sports

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Athletes who wish to participate in sports teams at the Modified, Junior Varsity and Varsity levels are required to submit three forms to the Nurse’s Office at the high school or middle school. These forms are all available on the Forms page of the website:

Required Forms

  1. NY Student Physical Examination Form
    • If a student’s primary medical provider has not performed a physical exam within the previous 12 months, physical examinations can be performed at the Nurses’ Office prior to the start of the season. Athletes must check with the Nurse’s Office to see if a new physical is required.
  2. NYSED Interval Health History Form
    • This form must be signed by the parent or guardian of each athlete and then approved in person by the athlete at the Nurse’s Office. Each athlete must appear in person at the High School Nurse’s Office or the Middle School Nurse’s Office. It is each athlete’s responsibility to have the necessary medical clearance before the first day of practice. Coaches cannot allow anyone to participate in practice until they receive a clearance slip from the Nurse.
      • High School: NYSED Interval Health History forms must be signed by the parent and may be turned in to the Nurse’s Office by the student at any time.
      • Middle School: NYSED Interval Health History forms must be signed by the parent and turned in to the Nurse’s Office by the student during lunch, study hall or advisory.
  3. Interscholastic Sports Parent/Student Agreement
    • This review of the expectations and commitments required to participate in interscholastic athletics must be signed by students and parents and submitted to the Athletics office.
    • Prior to signing the Agreement, please review the requirements for participating in Interscholastic Sports

    Medical Considerations

    1. Medications in School if needed for sports
      • Students with asthma, allergies or other medical issues must follow specific requirements for providing medications prior to sports season. Medications in School Form
    2. District Concussion Protocol

      Selective Classification Procedures

      Occasionally, students in grades 7 and 8 are interested in playing a Varsity or JV level sport. Specific information about this process is available in the Athletic Director’s office.