Spring Sports Teams Information


Listing of Coaches of Spring Sports Teams

JV and Varsity Spring Teams

Table of Spring Varsity and JV sports teams
Baseball – Boys Varsity
Baseball – Boys JV
Boys Golf – Varsity
Girls Golf – Varsity
Lacrosse – Boys Varsity
Lacrosse – Boys JV
Lacrosse – Girls Varsity
Lacrosse – Girls JV
Softball – Girls Varsity
Softball – Girls JV
Boys Tennis – Varsity
Boys Tennis – JV
Track – Boys Varsity
Track – Girls Varsity

Modified Spring Teams

Modified Sports Questions and Answers

It is important to understand that the term “Modified” simply refers to athletic programs offered to our middle school age students. (Please note that 6th graders are not eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics at any level.)

Table of Spring Modified Sports teams
Boys Baseball – Modified
Boys LaCrosse – Modified
Girls Lacrosse – Modified
Girls Softball – Modified
Boys Track & Field – Modified
Girls Track & Field – Modified