Board of Education

2021-2022 Monroe-Woodbury Board of Education

Information about the Monroe-Woodbury Board of Education is available on the district’s BoardDocs site including: logo for BoardDocs software

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The Monroe-Woodbury Central School District is committed to the belief that an effective school program can only be accomplished by nurturing a partnership between the schools and the community.

Decisions made by the elected school board affect the education of M-W children and, therefore, the well-being of the community. The school board can best represent its constituents when members of the community take the time to observe the board in action, express their opinions, ask questions, and communicate their wishes.

The School Board’s Role

The Monroe-Woodbury Board of Education is made up of nine non-paid citizens elected to serve overlapping terms of three years each.

Board elections are held each year on the third Tuesday in May. Polls are open at Central Valley Elementary School from 6 a.m. – 9 p.m.

New York State does not limit the number of terms a board member may serve. The school board’s powers and duties are derived from the State Constitution, the laws of New York State and the rulings of the New York State Commissioner of Education.

In addition to the nine members, a Monroe-Woodbury High School senior is selected to serve as student representative on the Board of Education as an ex officio, non voting member, in accordance with the provisions of Section 1702 of the Education Law, as approved by public vote in May 2016. The student member of the Board of Education will serve as the voice of the students by providing brief reports sharing issues of importance to the student body.

Roles and responsibilities of the board include:

  • Establishing district policies
  • Developing an annual budget for public approval
  • Serving as employing agent for the district
  • Approving curriculum
  • Maintaining the school buildings
  • Acting as a communication link between residents and the superintendent