Board of Education Norms

In an effort to function effectively and efficiently, the Monroe-Woodbury Board of Education, as a corporate body, abides by and adheres to the following set of norms:

Board members understand the mission of the District and use it to inform discussion and decisions.

Board members understand the primary focus of the Board should be on policy and fiduciary responsibility rather than on administrative matters.

Board members, as a governing body, understand and abide by the boundaries between governance and management.

Board members understand the importance of attendance at Board and committee meetings and come prepared, having read material in advance.  When assigned, or having volunteered to complete a task, it is accomplished in a timely manner.

Board member work collegially with other members and contribute appropriately and respectfully to Board discussions.  Once consensus is reached and a vote taken, the decision is then publicly supported by all board members.

Board members keep Board work in confidence when appropriately required, and do not allow personal interest or the interest of another organization to conflict with that of the District.

Board members declare as required any conflict of interest in matters that come before the Board and refrain from discussion and/or decisions regarding such interests.

Board members advocate for the success of all students with equal importance and do not solely advocate for one specific cause or concern.

Individual Board members do not speak on behalf of the Board or the District unless specifically authorized to do so.

Approved: December 11, 2019