District Goals

Primary Goal: Develop a Strategic Plan

Develop a multi-year Curriculum Plan
We will be using Equity Audits to evaluate programs and hone in on our areas of strength and areas where we need to improve. This data will provide us with a solid direction towards developing and building a well-thought-out strategic plan, which the district will implement in all of our focus areas.

  • Special Education
  • Academic Intervention Services
  • Core Programs
  • Encore Programs
  • Instructional Technology

Develop a multi-year Facilities Plan
In collaboration with the District’s Facilities Committee, and using our enrollment forecast and district trends, we will focus on the following areas:

  • Athletic Fields
  • Office Buildings
  • Instructional Buildings
  • Technology Infrastructure

Update the five-year Financial Plan
Using our enrollment forecast and district/state-wide trends, update our current financial plan to ensure the district’s financial stability. In addition, we will ensure the financial plan supports the curriculum and facilities plan.

Develop a School Community Involvement Plan
Using data from various resources, including but not limited to the National School Climate Center and the results of the Comprehensive School Climate Inventory administered in June 2015, results of the Orange County Youth Development Survey administered in January 2015, student and community input provided during community forums and school/district meetings, we will develop a plan to strengthen community involvement and the climate of our schools and district. Included in this plan will be how the district will continue to evaluate community involvement and the success of the plan.