PT virtual Science Fair entries due Friday, February 12

on February 5, 2021

The PTA and Pine Tree Elementary School are excited to present the annual Science Fair virtually this year!

We encourage students to broaden their work to include STEAM topics. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Some sample ideas are below, but we encourage you to come up with your own project. Imagination and creativity are the source of innovation and the search for knowledge. Students will complete their project at home and then create a 3-4 minute video explaining their work. Videos will be uploaded through Google Classroom and compiled for students to view.

To receive more information and resources for your child to participate, please complete this brief interest form so we may share relevant information:

All video entries are due by February 12. We are planning to have all entries screened and ready for viewing by the following week.

Below are some ideas to get your student thinking:

  • Science Lab:
    Projects for the Science Lab should be some kind of investigation into natural phenomena. Students can do an experiment involving a fair test where only one variable is changed, while the others are constant, or they may explore the science underlying an observed phenomena. For example:

    • Which candy is most sour?
    • What will melt ice fastest – salt or sugar?
    • What differences can be observed between organically farmed and regular strawberries?

Exploring observed phenomena could be something like:

    • Why is the Sun lower in the sky in the winter?
    • Why do some animals hibernate?
    • Art Connection: How does something glow in the dark?
  • Technology Workbench:
    Technology projects include computer science applications, as well as electronics. Students may showcase something they have created or explain how something works. For example:

    • Explain and share a program or app written by a student (check out as an example)
    • Explain how technology of a particular thing – for example the telephone or car – has changed in the last 100 years
    • Art Connection: Showing a remote control car and explaining the inner workings
  • Engineering Design:
    These are projects that solve a problem that can be generated by the student or someone else. The problem could be made up or a real-life problem. It could include building something or coming up with a process that solves the problem. Students should share the process they used to create their designed solution. For example:

    • Building a transport system for cookies from the kitchen to the tv room
    • Figuring out a way to hang the family’s face masks to keep them separate and clean
    • Art Connection: Testing different paper airplane designs to determine which consistently flies the furthest
  • Math Fun:
    These projects give students an opportunity to share their love of math and its applications. Students can address math facts or applications. For example:

    • Math games or tricks
    • Building a geodesic dome and why it is special
    • Art Connection: Making art using reflections, translations and/or rotations and what those are

More information about creating your project will be shared, but we wanted to get students thinking about how they might participate. Please fill out the form to receive more information!

If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]

Thank you,
Pine Tree PTA