Parent/Student Resources


Monroe-Woodbury GMail:

Students are expected to check their Monroe-Woodbury email daily. If you have never used your M-W district email, use these Login Instructions.



Single sign-on database that gives students access to an array of educational apps specific to their educational level.

ClassLink LOGIN:

  • To help your student log into ClassLink, please go to and click the “Student Resources” link in the “Quick Links” list on the right. On the Student Resources page, click the Classlink logo. Your student can login using this formula:
  • User Name is Last Name, First Initial and last 3 numbers of their Student ID.(Jane Doe, Student ID 12345 would be doej345)
  • Password is your student’s full Student ID.(Jane Doe’s password would be 12345)
  • K-1 and students new to Monroe-Woodbury this year, use password: Mw#student ID (Mw#12345)
  • Once students have logged in, they can access the apps and websites they use in school by clicking on the appropriate logo.
  • This resource will remind them of their logins:

Google Classroom

Information to access individual teacher Classrooms will be provided by the teacher. Once students are enrolled in specific Classrooms, using this link will take you to a list of those classes.

Until contacted by teachers, you may find the information below helpful as an overview.

Student Beginners Guide to Google Classroom

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General Resources

Monroe-Woodbury School Libraries

NYSED Resources

NYSED Digital Content Resources for Parents/Teachers

Virtual Field Trips

Visit museums, farms, zoos and aquariums, world landmarks or even outer space.

Choose Love

Many M-W schools follow the Choose Love social, emotional program and they offer free online lessons. You can find additional information here:

Academic Resources by Grade Level

These are general resources that can be used to supplement lesson plans by teachers or for general enrichment. There are also useful links at the high school and middle school levels to help with Regents and AP preparation.

Grades K-1

Grades 2-5

Middle School

High School