College 101 students get reality check

on January 17, 2019

The “real world” will be here before our high school students know it! The “Reality Checks and Balances Workshop” sponsored by Hudson Heritage Credit Union, helps prepare them. The simulation reviews concepts presented to students in the College 101 classes, such as making career choices, budgeting, managing expenses and more.

During class, students conduct research to select a career. They are then given a monthly income, after taxes, based on the starting salary in that field.  Students navigate to nine tables to learn about various aspects of cost of living including student loans, rent, car expenses, cell phone and entertainment expenses. Costs also include unexpected expenses – or windfalls, if they are lucky.  Students make choices at each table and subtract the cost of that choice from their monthly budget.  Students cannot complete the simulation or reach the finish line if they do not fall within their budgeted amounts.

Most students were very surprised at how many expenses there were and how quickly their monthly budget diminished. It was a huge eye opener!