Enrichment Programs

Summer Enrichment Classes

Contact: mwsep@mw.k12.ny.us

See you next summer!

For 6 weeks every summer, the district opens its Middle School plus the main campus athletic fields for the Summer Enrichment Program.  Classes are offered for all ages, in a wide variety of areas ranging from swimming and diving through theater arts to foreign languages and arts and crafts.  The program is open to all residents as well as non-residents, who pay an additional fee to attend.

This self-sustaining program offers opportunities for learning and fun, while also providing work experience for some of the district’s high school and college athletes, theater and music performers and graduates enrolled in teacher training. Last year over 3000 students and adults participated in the courses that were offered.

Watch for the Summer Enrichment Brochure to be emailed and posted every spring for complete information on registration and schedules.

Summer Crusaders Program

Contact: Special Education Services

Since 2010, the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District has offered the Summer Crusaders special education program.  Seventy-five students, ranging in age from six to 21 years, attend school five days a week to participate in academic and recreational activities, inside and outside the classroom.

With the primary focus on academics – reinforced with services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech – the students continue working on reading, writing and number sense skills.  Students also participate in cooking, yoga, painting and more with the help of outside experts who visit the school and bring these experiences to life for the students.

The annual Community Day is complete with a visit from local firefighters, police officers and paramedics.  Visitors to the program have included The Mad Scientist, who shared crazy science experiments and the staff from Outragehiss Pets, who introduced the students first-hand to skinks, armadillos, a tortoise, a python and other unusual creatures.

Fall and Spring Enrichment Classes

Contact: mwsep@mw.k12.ny.us

Fall Enrichment 2018 Swim Classes

RevTrak Enrichment Registration Instructions

The district offers a schedule of swimming and diving lessons for all ages during the school year.  Schedules and registration forms are posted on the district website as well as on our Facebook page.  All classes are offered at the Middle School pool.